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The upset children are right. Do not eat anything with meat in it. This is the last time I accept any help from the others.

Healing the bodies isn't so difficult - anyone I've given a blessing to can do it, and perhaps others who can heal, as well. Separating the spirits from the bodies is much more time-consuming and tedious, however. If you bring them to the altar of my temple, I should be able to do it. Otherwise, we'll find some other way to take care of these monsters.

I cannot believe I have to tell my colleagues not to feed you human meat. This is absolutely ridiculous.
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[WELP THAT DOES IT. Rey is never eating god food again.]

is there a certain point in which even the blessing won't be able to heal the bodies? [Just in case she's working on limited time here.]
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so either conserve that power or kill them.

what happens if too many people die at once? will you be able to bring them all back in one piece?
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suppose that's one small miracle then.
with any luck everyone's learned their lesson.
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meant everyone else who thought it was a good idea taking food from him.
honestly that's like walking right into a white van with a FREE CANDY sign.