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hey so

i know shit's going down but i've done this solo thing way too long, i'm pretty sure i'm going actual crazy

free booze for whoever wants to come hang out with me in this shithole i've decided is totally the new bar. but i'm cutting you off if you're shitty company or try to eat me alive (this is me, pointing to my eyes and then pointing to you wiggy infected motherfuckers)

incoming attachment: cometothebar.jpg. it's a map. a really shitty one with a big circle drawn around a building somewhere in the business-ish area.
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there's a bar?

can trade some food for liquor. not the kind that's turning people into monsters.
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hope you don't mind bear or snake meat.
running low of snake though.
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depends on your perspective of bad. have heard that human meat tastes like veal.

haven't tried this firsthand mind you.
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we're still on.
will be there within half an hour with some food to snack on.
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[While Rey has no idea what "holla" is supposed to mean, she just shrugs, shuts off her comm, and follows the map to the bar.

[Amazingly, she makes it there with no event, and finds herself a seat before the bar-top without so much as a hello. Rude.

[After a beat, she glances to the duffle bag, then to Sally, before helping herself to the contents. Also rude.]

On a scale of one to ten, how shitty is the liquor here?