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Hey, gang! Hope some of you didn't get maimed-slash-dismembered over the last couple weeks. [stated as breezily as ever, way to go lilith.]

Got a PSA for you all. I know alcohol sounds pretty great, especially after the wendigo crap, but don't drink the stuff in the restaurants without checking it first. I got lucky with the first one I tried-- sorta tasted like a fruit cocktail kind of thing-- but one time a bottle got knocked out of my hands and it dissolved through the floor. So, uh. Yeah.

Also, does anybody else have guns around here? Are you restocking your ammo at all or are you just... rationing it out? I've been trying to look around the armory but every weapon there's of the stabby variety. That's great and all, but you can't shoot swords out of a shotgun.

[... no one tell her.]

That's it for now. Lilith, out.


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Seriously? [Ugh!]

Suppose it's too much to ask for drinks that won't try to kill us as well.
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At least it's a good indicator not to drink anything giving off weird fumes. [Like that should be a given, but. You never know with some people.]

Hey. Don't start giving them ideas now.
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Think the assholes already here have both of those covered.
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Of course.

[Scoff.] The god of Fuck Off would be a nice change of pace.
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[Surprise, Rey is an actual comedian.]

Am sure there is no shortage of things here to keep us preoccupied.