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okay, tell me again what's so special about a hot springs?
they make hot water pools.
that's it?

you got a few screws loose if you think it's better than real TREES and FRUIT.

[ But, she's not going to be completely throwing the other choices under the bus... ]

at least go for the GPS. that's actually valuable.
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there is absolutely nothing special about hot springs.

and for the amount of meddling these assholes do with our heads, sure as hell don't want to know what anyone calling themselves "love" would do to us.
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have seen people do fucked up things when they think they're doing it out of love. nothing is worth that, let alone some stupid hot bath.
don't really need a god to have one of those anyway.
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circumitus: Keep up the good work. (it's a 12/12/12 miracle)

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just trying to be practical and look at the bigger picture here.

the city has no shortage of space, but let's face it. how many of us are going to actually benefit from it?

don't really find the GPS idea to be all too beneficial either. something like that would've turned the few weeks people were trying to kill each other into a bloodbath.
more so than it already was anyway.
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soaking in hot water that other people have fucked in however often does not sound like a good time. just saying.

[The more she thinks about it, the less inclined she is.

[...Nope, never voting for Love. Never.]

that's why confusion wasn't a hot pick either. some people may find some use for it, but it would cause trouble for those who don't want to be found by certain people here.

assuming that delight was describing the gimmick correctly.