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[As they did in their initial recruitment video, Henry and Maketh stand side by side to address city guard business. This time, however, Henry's stance is that of a seasoned knight, poised to spring into action at the first indication of danger. There is a honed watchfulness in his gaze to match, and his expression is keenly focused. It is he who speaks first.]

We have every confidence that, in these perilous circumstances, every man and woman of the Guard is doing their part to assist our fellow inhabitants. Now it is time for us act under a shared banner. Let us unite our efforts, and through our combined efficiency and might, defend this city to greatest extent of our ability.

Report in. Spare not the details of your current location and undertaking.

Maketh will speak of our priorities henceforth.

[Maketh nods, expression somber. This will be the first time anyone in Hadriel has seen her wearing body-armor. She doesn't bother with pleasantries.]

The temples have been declared safe. We suggest congregating there and bringing as many supplies with you as possible. Given the circumstances, it would be wisest to wait out this storm. Save your strength for the next fight - and there will be another after this. In the meantime, go to the temples. The Guard will be doing what we can to make you all comfortable. Those of you who are able and willing, we would welcome your aid.

We will survive this. I have faith in all of you. Be safe.

[There is one final thing that Henry has to say, no less important than the rest.]

I would encourage anyone in need of our help to beseech it here. A ready member of the Guard shall take up your cause.
circumitus: Because you're marine grade... You rascal. (you need 400 proof or marine proof)

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[As a member of the Guard, suppose Rey ought to check in or something. Sigh.]

Will work on sweeping the streets and escorting people to the temples. If there's anything else that needs to be done, say the word.

[She doesn't intend to seek shelter in the safety of the gods' homes. It's just a risk that she's willing to take.]
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Copy that.

Can perform basic medical treatment if such incidents crop up. No worries.