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[Henry's voice may be recognisable from the Guard's announcement a few days ago. Yet on this occasion, unlike then, he speaks quickly and sharply with a forceful urgency. There's no time for him to lock this to the Guard.]

Pay heed! Hope's temple may soon come under assault by a monster far more terrible than its kin. Through savage harm it plans to lure out Hope. If you be within, do not leave the temple's protection unless you are prepared for death.

[The reason for his warning quickly makes itself known, faster than Henry would have liked. This voice, too, might be recognised by some.]

I will do far worse than kill.

[Every attempt at emotion is still off kilter, still too dampened by clarity and ice to sound right. It sounds like Kate but all the same it is not, not even a little. It lilts in all the right ways but it sounds like it hasn't ever felt emotion before this.

Which makes sense, because it was only brought into the world a few short hours ago.]

Preparing for death isn't very useful when I don't want you dead, Not yet. Not until your skin is peeling from the burns and every bone in your body is snapped in two. Or more. It doesn't matter that much.

[That is where he switches off his phone, so that it cannot prove a distraction in the fight ahead. Consider yourselves warned about the Torturedemon, Hadriel. There will be no replies from Henry, but feel free to talk among yourselves.]
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Don't say that there's only one guy over at Hope's temple taking on this thing by himself?

[Because godfuckingdammit.]