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007 [Video] | Forward-dated slightly to morning on the 4th

[So, turns out Sorrow-induced insomnia combined with generally staying inside so as not to tell everyone in the whole world everything awful that you've ever done has an upside. It's great for getting things done, especially when that thing is something he feels guilty about not having finished sooner.

He hasn't actually figured out the event is over by the time he makes this post, having been awake all night, though he does feel a little bit better than before and so offers a small smile to start the whole thing off.]

Hey, um, everyone.

[And he pauses, because he probably should've thought this announcement out a little more, but whatever.]

So I uh, finished something less fun than emojis, but probably a little more practical? I mean, it'd be better if we had a GPS system [--come on guys you totally voted for the wrong god--] but we can always add that part into it later.

Basically, um, it's a program that lets you set up an emergency message and who you want to send it to, and then just hit one button to send it. So if you're like, in danger or hurt or something and can't type or call someone but can hit a button, someone'll at least know you need help and go looking for you.

[And hopefully that could help someone, even a little, whenever the next horrible thing happens here.]

If anyone needs help like, setting it up, just let me know and I can probably get it going for you. It should be pretty simple though, so don't worry if you're not like, super tech savvy.

[And attached is a download for the program, which installs simply enough and includes a customizable message and a list of people to send it to. Once set up, a button will appear on the lock screen of the phone, and hitting it is all that's needed to send a message; any future changes to the message or receiver list can still be made through the main app.]
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[Hey, Rey is still against the whole GPS thing so she's not regretting her vote, but this is pretty cool.]

Nice work. Am sure some will get use out of it in the future.
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[Not if they're being used to try and find you when you don't want to be found.]

Knowing this place, wouldn't count on that.
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[Rey can't help but scoff. When are they ever considered that lucky?]

Sure. And while we're at it, we can ask our hosts to stop fucking with us before someone decides to fuck with them right back, though suppose it's a little late for them to get that memo.

But yes. Let us hope.
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Don't actually have that much against Hope.

[She can't go begrudgingly asking him for favors and such if she did.]

Well, would like to think that things can't get any worse than they already have, but wouldn't want to jinx us.
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Agreed. Am not looking forward to more god resurrections for that reason.

[Who knows what it'll be like once the whole family is reunited.

[She is genuinely surprised by his reply, though.]
Really? Would've thought what we just went through to take the cake. What happened on your second month?
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Tranquility is the last one. Best bet is that it'll be awkward, regardless of our vote.

[And seriously, fuck love, and fuck Love.

[She makes a thoughtful sound then.]

Ah. That happened a few days after coming here. Wasn't one of the ones buried, though. [Thankfully. Rey wouldn't have handled that as well as she'd like people to think. Waking up in a morgue refrigerator after a memory wipe was bad enough.]
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There will always be a problem with too much of anything. Even an abundance of delight has its downsides.

[She doesn't know what to even expect with Tranquility, or any of the others for that matter.]

Wouldn't recommend it, either. Been in a similar situation before, and would not have cared for a repeat incident.
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You and pretty much the whole city, it seemed.

[She huffs.]

Wasn't conscious for most of it, at least.
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Well, suppose "conscious" isn't an accurate way to put it, so much as "non functional". Was not cognizant of what was going on at the time.

[Small miracles?]
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It just means being offline for a time, not really dead or alive. Don't even have any memory of however many years had gone by in that place. Five, maybe.
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Wouldn't necessarily say that it's "normal", but it's happened on numerous occasions.
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Well, suppose waking up in such a position after a mind wipe would... suck. To say the least.

[Understatement. Thy name is Rey's sentence.]
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Suppose it would be, depending on whatever year you're from.


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