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第4: [text] lost in translation

((OOC: Collected misfires etc sent from Emily's phone to just about everyone. They will all be in the comments to this entry.

UD house and anyone around Emily at the time when a totemo kawaii text gets sent will hear angry swearing.

PM (unfollowing) or PP (punnyinpink) me if you want a text from Emily during the event, regardless of whether or not your character has CR with her. What better way to meet Em than through Rage's fuckery?? 8D))
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[Jesus Christ, why this.]

What the fuck is this bullshit supposed to be?

[And why are you even messaging her anyway.]
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voice. i'm sorry about her.

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Look, just fuck off, all right? I don't give a shit about your goddamn emojis or whatever.