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Oi oi!


[What Kamina means to say is the following:

Hey, Hadriel! Don't let Sorrow get you down! Hell, don't let any of the gods tell you what to feel or how! We might not have their power, but we've got something better--fighting spirit! And if we combine, that fighting spirit will be stronger than they can ever dream of! Team Gurren is the embodiment of that fighting spirit, of our real hopes and dreams, not the ones the gods hand us! If you wanna come learn what Gurren spirit is all about, come meet me out on the northern edge of the city by the caves!

...What the listeners hear is something entirely different. Just...with Kamina's face attached to it.



[For anyone who manages to decipher his message past the glitch, or happens by, Kamina will be out in the clearing between town and caves every day just after noon for a few hours. Once he finally realizes what's been happening to his messages--probably the 14th or so--he'll also be around advertising the old-fashioned way: with his lungs and very excitable gestures. Or feel free to find him anywhere!]
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[OK, well. He's usually loud and annoying, but this is something new.]

Kamina, what the fuck?

[She actually just sounds confused this time, rather than angry.]
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Jesus Christ - why don't you go put yourself neck-deep in the waters of shut the fuck up already.