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✘ Round 2 | Audio

I... I require assistance. [The feed comes on and the normally calm ice alien's voice is tinted with sadness. He takes a small breath, then continues:]

I have been keeping a small number of lightbugs that appeared in the caves about three... [there's a brief pause as he struggles to remember the proper terminology used by humans for this span of time--] ... months ago. But now it appears they are dying. I don't know what I did wrong. I made sure their enclosure had plenty of space, insulated it from the cold, and even provided them with things to eat. And yet still...

[Glacius trails off. Given that his homeworld is frozen over, there aren't any insects on it, so he has no idea how their general life cycle works--or in this case, how short it can be. He doesn't even realize that he was lucky to get three months with these heartwarming little critters! His voice is therefore regretful when he speaks again, but it sounds like he's trying to scrounge for some determination because he hasn't yet realized their time is simply coming to a close.] ... I don't want to lose them. Is there anyone who knows enough about these life forms to help them?
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Why did you keep them in the first place?

[Rey had her emotions shut off when they showed up, but that doesn't mean she isn't aware of their effects. Still, why anyone would want to experience fake-happiness is beyond her.]
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So, it's about keeping a little piece of home?

[Rey can't say that she relates, but she can at least understand. She's seen it plenty of times: Soldiers longing for the companionship of their friends and families, finding nostalgia in the simplest of reminders. Having never experienced such a familial bond until these last few years, Rey almost couldn't say she could relate.]
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[And she means that.]

Well, as others have mentioned... fireflies don't tend to live much longer than a couple months, like many insects. Am actually surprised you managed to keep them alive for this long.
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Personally think it would be better to let them be free either way. Living or dying in a jar sounds like no place to be, whether you decide to extend their lifespan or not.

[Take it from someone who practically was in one for a long time.]
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That sounds like the best thing you could do.

For what it's worth, you didn't do anything wrong.
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Loss of life very rarely ever is supposed to feel very good.

[And if it does, then it's still not technically a "good" feeling, but something else entirely. This much Rey is more familiar with than she would ever care to admit to most people.]

Perhaps they'll come back someday.