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Video| In all my dreams, it's never quite as it seems

[When the video opens up, Ushahin is lying once again inside his bathtub. It's about five o' clock in the morning, so at least he's only waking up the resident of Hadriel up at the crack of dawn instead of the middle of the night this time. He's considerate that way.]

Does anyone else hear it? The music? It's so lovely.

[There is, of course, no music. What he's hearing is the tune he's caught from passing through someone's mind while they sleep. It's had quite the effect on him.]

Music makes everything quiet inside.

[He starts humming to himself, tapping his fingers to keep rhythm. If that tune sounds somewhat familiar, well, it might have been your mind he was tapping into.]
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[Rey doesn't sleep that much, so of course she is one of those up at the ridiculous hours of the morning. Force of habit and all that.]

Know what you mean. Though, am probably hearing a different tune than you.

[She isn't hearing it the same way he is, but music is important to Rey; she "hears" it quite often.]
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It's an old song. Can only hear it in dreams now.

[She hums this tune for about ten seconds.]

Sounds a little like that.
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[There is a pause on her end. She just blinks.]



[She doesn't know much about the song, but she's never heard it anywhere else since her mother died. Shit, she doesn't know what that song is even called.]
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[The name "Undine Stransky" springs to mind.

[But before the words can come out, Rey snaps her mouth shut again. She's seen the way cons play out sometimes, and people have ways of getting their marks to spill personal information by pretending to know more than they actually do. That is, at least, the scenario that Rey perceives to be unfolding here.

[She just has to be smarter than that, right?]

That's bullshit.

[That emotionless, robotic monotone is gone -- but so is any hint of warmth in her voice. She doesn't like it when people fuck with her.]
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[She doesn't know what she believes, and that's the maddening part.]

Could've been a lucky guess for all anyone knows.

[It isn't like her mother was the only woman she knew to have fair hair.]
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[She pauses.]

You claiming that you can read minds?
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[Okay, it's pretty hard to argue with that, even if it's difficult to readily accept.]

Don't know. [There's no way anyone here could've heard of it before, could they?]

Is that what you meant about hearing "music" before? You pull that shit out of someone's head?
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[Makes sense.]

You, um. [What would they call that sort of thing?] You "dreamwalk", then?
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[Dreamwalking isn't a thing that exists within her own world -- that Rey is aware of, anyway. But having walked through other people's dreams and they through her own a few months back, she's at least familiar with the concept.]

You named yourself? What, did you not have one before that?

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[Names are a weird things for Rey. She's had several surnames when she had lived as several women... but they're not who she is anymore. Or, they are a part of her, but she is something -- someone -- else. Her identity, even her name, is a bit of a conundrum at times.]

It doesn't matter what your name is. Knew someone who was unfortunate enough to be named "Sweetmeat" by his parents one time. Didn't mean shit.

[She may be partially testing to see the depths of how this guy can reach into someone's head.]
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[Him being able to pull out her name isn't all that impressive in itself. It would only take a little digging and vigilance for someone to find that Rey has introduced herself over the network before. It's that she's pretty sure she keeps those other names she once held more closely guarded.]

Yes. Am just "Rey" now.

[Not Schmidt, not Safronov, not Stone or Sheridan or any of the women she has been over the last century.

[Just Rey.]
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"Ushahin" sounds more like a name than "Dreamspinner".

[Though not by much, so how serious one can say Rey is right now is debatable. It's a miracle people can even pronounce that.]
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That's not very nice, singling you out like that. Everyone's broken in one way or another.

[Or in every which way, like Rey herself.]

Can guarantee there's not a single well put-together person in this place.

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