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008 [Video]

[Chris smiles and gives a small wave at the camera when the feed starts, then turns his hand to show Hope's blessing on the back of it.]

So uh, who else got one? And are they all from Hope, or...?

[This is so cool you guys he wants to see who else got what. And for something else slightly less important by still cool--]

Oh, also, my iPhone was up and working for a bit thanks to Pell, and I managed to get some music off it. I'll share on the condition no one makes fun of my taste.

[The last comment is a joke--he's really not going to be too hurt by jabs about his choice in music--but the offer is serious, and attached is a download of the music he's copied off so far. It's kind of a slow process, so there's still more on the phone that he can transfer later.]
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Had that blessing not too long ago, too. It's a useful one.

Appreciate the songs, by the way. Never heard of these before.

[Rey may not seem the sort, but she fucking loves a lot of music.]
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Good. Knowing the way things go around here, it's a useful skill to have, even if it's only temporary.

[Yay, helping.]

Possibly, though it isn't uncommon to hear two-hundred year old music from time to time. My brother's always had a fixation with that sort of stuff.
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What do you want to know about -- activating it or using it in general?

[It's understandable. Rey didn't particularly get an instruction manual, either.]

Not surprising. It isn't like people had many ways of recording music or movies two centuries prior when you're from.

[And what few songs exist from back then is downright disturbing as fuck.]
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Well, you activate it by crushing the orb-shaped object you've been given. The healing itself... It just sort of comes to you. Like you'll know what to do when you really need it.

Also it has its limits. Its power seemed to fade after a couple months of not being used.

[She's lucky she was able to get what little she got out of it after being impaled.]

No one? Really? Huh. Used to listen to some opera that was pretty ancient.
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Was able to self-heal an injury after being run completely through with a piece of metal, even when the ability was waning. Can imagine that it could mend much more serious and life-threatening wounds at full power.

[Spoken nonchalantly like she just talked about healing a stubbed toe rather than something significantly more serious.]

Hm, well. Come from a rather unusual family. [That must explain everything, clearly.]
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[She scoffs.] Don't be sorry. Just as well may have asked for it, anyway. Put my guard down.

[At least, to her, that makes her pretty damned deserving of getting run through. After all, she should've known better.]

No, not really. Just a father and brother. Do you?
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Was dealing with a dangerous-- [person? No, that isn't right.] --synthetic. Knew the risks involved. Still, she said some things, and... Next thing, was taking a rebar to the face.

[Lucky for Rey, she's got a thick skull that didn't cave in after being cracked with a piece of metal.]

Ah. Do you like them? Your parents, that is.
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Synthetic person, to be more accurate. Manufactured to simulate human appearance and behavior.

[Much like Rey herself, as Chris may be able to surmise for himself.]

Ah, so you probably want to see them again.

[Like so many people here who would want to go home to be with their loved ones again.]
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Seems like it, though didn't know the extent of how many there were until recently. Found out they've got a whole city in Russia. Probably made roots in other parts of the country -- some even living among humans in the world.

[Rey still doesn't know how she feels about that. For most of her existence it was her goal to kill synthetics. But things have... changed. And not just because of her roommate who happens to be a synth himself.]


Hm. [She pauses.] Sometimes, talking out loud when no one is around helps. Can even imagine what they'd say in return.

You don't have to, of course. It's just a thought...

[It's what Rey does. And it's sort of helpful.]
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It isn't so much that they're not "supposed to" as much as they just... don't. Their existence was strictly clandestine from the civilian population, and then the old government fell and a lot of that information just got buried. Many synthetics seem to be manufactured by other synthetics now.

[Which can be a bad thing, all things considered.

[And hey, for all the deadpan and monotone and "dumb robot" exterior, Rey can be pretty unexpected.]

No worries. Hope it helps. Just find that something like that makes it a little less lonely sometimes.

[Not... that she's "lonely", or anything.]
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The original project was funded for militarization purposes, but think my mother had different plans in mind. She wanted to study the psychology of synthetic life.

[Too bad her aspirations are what ultimately got her killed.]

Doesn't help being in a city that should obviously be populated by more people.

[Though she knows it isn't just that.]
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...Was. [Awkward.] But yes, she was a psychologist, among other things. She was, um. Very smart.

[Oh hey, mystery genocides sounds like a way happier subject, doesn't it?]

No, it particularly isn't when there's no guarantee that we won't have to deal with whatever killed them eventually. [That's such a cheerful thought.]