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[ Text ; ANONYMOUS ]

[ Okay, how does exactly a ghoul ask for food? Because certainly he can't just pop up to the network and ask if anyone knew where to get human flesh. He knows he can't ask it like that, but he will make his best to get some answers.

But first: He will be ANONYMOUS because there is no way he's risking it. ]

If you aren't human and you have a very specific diet, where can you get it?

[ wow. This is not suspicious at all. He is so sorry, but Kaneki is getting a bit desperate and hunger is a really awful thing. ]
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hope generally supplies the stores with rations. like others have said, he's the one you want to speak with about that sort of thing. he has a hard enough time trying to figure out how humans work that any non-humans need to be pretty particular about their needs.

how specific of a diet are you talking about here?
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if it's any consolation, hope doesn't benefit from your suffering. chances are it'll go against his nature not to help you if your condition poses as a threat to others and/or yourself. he needs us alive and not miserable and afraid if he has any desire to get any power from us after all.
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yes, they probably would. all the more incentive for him to help you. this place is already a pisshole so he can use whatever he can get. beggars can't be choosers and all that.

[Yeah no, thank fuck no god for Famine or Hunger or Pestilence is a thing here. They're screwed enough as it is.]

you'd attack people if you don't get a certain type of food? [She can almost see where this is going. Almost.]
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it's fine. have no room to judge you anyway.

having a contingency plan for the worst case scenario may be good tho. be it that something happens to hope and he is unable to supply you with what you need for a time - for whatever reason.

am one of the guard in this place. we can figure out a way to contain you should the aforementioned worst case scenario ever happen. that way you won't have to worry about scaring or hurting anyone.
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just think about it, ok?

hell no we don't work for the gods. we're more of an independent task force that handle any situations that threaten the safety of people here because of the damn gods.
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if you're here asking for help because you're worried about harming anyone, you're a person.
besides there are some of us who weren't considered "people" back home, either.

not really. think there are about 10 or so of us.
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sure it is. it doesnt have to be more complicated than that.

[She's starting to feel like she's had this conversation before.]

some of us appear human enough. was personally intended to infiltrate armed forces, so looking like a person came with the gig.
but there are others who are more obvious. if you see a giant ice creature around here, don't mistake him for one of the monsters in the cave. he's good.
also live with someone who may look like a half-corpse/half-machine, but he's more like human than a lot of humans.
just to name a few.

well it's better than crying with our thumbs up our asses while the gods continue to fuck with us.

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where you come from sure. unless you actually intend to do harm to others, people are a little less condemnatory here.

yes. you may see him somewhere in the city. blue guy. has spikes.
was synthetically engineered. not entirely human even on the genetic level. so no, not a human.

there have been attempts. mostly we just exist to charge their batteries.
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it could've been better, but we had some setbacks over the last century or so.

we know that something had killed most of the gods before, with the exception of hope and fear - the former is trying to revive the rest. think the only ones left are confusion, tranquility, and love. good luck getting much more information than that out of them. they like their secrecy.
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not particularly, no.

some of them claim that they're going to try and send us home. can't say one way or another if that's true or even possible.
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no, but it isn't about trust so much as fulfilling a mutually beneficial relationship - they need us as much as we need them, if not more. without us, it wouldn't be possible for hope to revive his kin.
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if what they say is true, the "door" is what's responsible for bringing us here, not them.

as for not answering our questions - it could be something as simple as not wanting to waste time with people who can vanish at any given minute. they don't have any control over who gets sent back home any more than we do - otherwise they would no doubt have sent some of the more troublesome individuals away by now.
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fear was the one who opened the door. not sure about who created it. don't think it was any of the existing gods.

not going to argue with you there. they haven't really given a satisfactory reason for the discretion. could be that they don't trust us in the same way we don't trust them.

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