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001: video

Hi, everyone!

[For a video being shot in the middle of a zombie invasion, the redhead onscreen sure looks cheerful. Is it because she's in Delight's bar, or because she's having fun fighting the undead horde?

Both. And then some.]

I'm Faith, I just got here a few days ago. Lucky me, right? Well, no, I really am, 'cause a friend of mine from home's been here for months now.

[She shifts her phone so Kate appears on the screen, casually fighting a few zombies.

When Faith turns the camera back on herself, she is mid giggle.]

Anyway! We've picked up another roomie and moved into a house, and I think that calls for a party.

So! Delight's been good enough to lend the bar for it! [Hence why she and Kate are currently defending it from the undead.

Well, okay, no. They just wound up here, but Faith's pretty sure Delight appreciates people protecting her contribution to the city's entertainment.]

Now's not a good time, I know, but once these little bastards are gone, we should all get together and celebrate! 'Cause we survived, and 'cause I really do still want a housewarming.

So how 'bout... a week from today? If the zombies are still 'round then, I'll reschedule. [Because that's... how living here works...?] Oh, and if you can sing, d'you want to? Delight says some of you are good at that!

[She glances offscreen -- at Kate, probably -- then back at the camera, shrugging.] Time to get back to work. Let me know, yeh? I'll answer you soon as I can. Bye!

[She blows a kiss and gives a little wave before the feed cuts out.]
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Delight did what?

[Nick's behind the bar, restocking and organizing, though if those zombies get in, all her work will be for nothing.]

Why am I always the last to fuckin' know this kinda shit? Jesus.
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[Jesus Chris, why is this her life. That is a huge mess she's probably gonna have to clean up all by herself, isn't it. Nick scowls deeply.]

Well, good for me, I guess, I get a night off.

[She doesn't sound happy about it at all, though. But maybe she won't take the night off after all - not entirely.]

What kinda singing did you want for this thing?
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It would be nice if we had actual music in this place. I mean, I used to sing, but it was in a band. Never done the solo thing before, unless you count karaoke.
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Maybe ...

[She thinks about Kennedy, about the coffeeshop shows they used to do together once the band blew up, just the two of them singing, Kennedy's guitar, and Nick with a tambourine. It hurts more than she expects, and she pushes the memory back down with a hard swallow.]

I dunno. I never took lessons or anything, I'm not that great. Maybe you should just get someone else.
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Yeah, maybe.

[Probably not, though.]

You should talk to Bianca. I think she used to sing for real or something, she sings to us over the phones sometimes.