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[Video] Backdated to the 14th

[When the video feed starts it shows two figures standing together. It may be a familiar a sight to long term residents: Maketh and Henry at the Guard HQ.

Henry is dressed in full plate armour and mail, from gorget to sabatons: if its design looks like a god's not-quite-accurate replica of a fourteenth century harness, that's because it is. His sword is sheathed at his hip and his heater shield strapped to his back. He stands straight and proud, his expression focused. Just off to his side is a table. On the table viewers may glimpse a crossbow, an english longbow, and a collection of bolts and heavy arrows.

For her part, Maketh is dressed in her regular uniform, a hunting jacket and long pants, aggressively ironed, and a set of homemade body-armor. A rifle is slung across her shoulder and a short sword clipped to her side.]

Guard, report in. Be aware that we shall be turning on our emergency app.

[He dips his head in a curt nod of greeting as he then proceeds to address the wider audience.]

Residents of Hadriel. If you can, find a defensible position and strengthen it to withstand assault. Prioritize your safety over engagement. The Guard shall be out in force: we will patrol the streets, and dispatch force wherever we are needed. If you find that your position is swarmed, we shall send a force to clear them. We can transport supplies and provide escort. Our purpose is to risk these dangers on your behalf.

Let us know here, and one of ours shall immediately aid you. Or approach us while we are out in person. Do not hesitate.

We would especially like to hear from the clinic: how may we best assist you?

[Here Maketh steps forward, voice calm and commanding. She fully expects her advice to be followed.]

Our priority here is survival. The situation is what it is, and we will endure it just as we have endured everything else the gods have thrown at us. Do nothing foolish and it will pass as the others have. The guard will maintain fortified positions as best we can, but know that if you venture outside, we cannot guarantee your safety. Be practical and calm. If you require aid, ask for it and we will come. Protect each other and endure. We are stronger than this.

[Yet Henry is not done yet. He takes up a crossbow – the medieval kind found in the armoury – and shows it to the feed.]

There is one more thing I want to discuss. This is a crossbow. Unlike guns, they are stocked in the armoury and bolts are in good supply. Unlike bows, they require only minimal training to use and no strength or conditioning. They are good ranged weapons for those without martial skill, though one should be aware that they are comparatively slow to prepare for firing. Allow me to demonstrate how to wield one.

This is how one loads it: a simple tool known as a windlass.

[He demonstrates how to attach the windlass, crossbow held vertical and downwards facing, braced on the ground, and makes quick work of winding the pedals to draw back the string. The string soon catches on a nut which holds it taut. He removes the windlass, setting it aside, and raises the crossbow.]

Once pulled taut, the nut keeps it that way. Your first shot, at least, you may prepare in advance.

[He takes up a bolt and slots it in.]

Simply place the bolt when you are ready to fire. And here is the trigger. Point and shoot.

[He doesn't fire, however, and instead removes the bolt, before setting the whole weapon aside. That done, with considerable cynicism, he dryly adds:]

Please be responsible and aim only at that which you are prepared to kill.

[Finally, he rounds off with one last announcement.]

One of our new members, Jill Valentine, is a veteran of these... 'zombie' infestations. She will follow this message with advice for us all. Take a look, and make the most of her expertise.

[Maketh nods once.]

Stay alive, Hadriel. The tools have been provided to you. Use them wisely.
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Copy that.

Will be handling most of the herds solo. It won't be a problem.

[When you're a walking war machine, it's usually better that way.]
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Appreciate the offer, but you should save it for the others who'll need them.
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That isn't what--


Will be fine dealing with any large numbers. Most of those fuckers won't even be able to get close.
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Sure, whatever.

[You know, for someone who is really fucking old as Rey, way to sound like a snotty teenager.]
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[not here]

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[Somewhere, Nick is sighing over this response. Rey.]
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Very well. We shall trust that you will adjudge your limits properly.
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Thank you.

Should also warn that if anyone sees any sign of fire, they should stay clear of it.

[That's not sketch or anything.]