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You may have noticed some abnormal behavior regarding the Door. Normally it doesn't bring in anything so large, and we did not expect it to do so this time. Delight and I have been attempting to alter the Door to send you home, as you have so often requested, but as I have said again and again, we have very little knowledge in this area. We will try again.

My appreciation for those who slew the dragons. We did not intend on their arrival, and I would be willing to grant you a favor in return for your efforts - if it's within my power, and not too foolish.
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[WHOA whoawhoawhoawhoa... whoa. Hey.


what about those of us who don't want to be sent home?
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if you can get the door open enough to allow accss to my ship I can take people anywhere. to any world, any time.
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I don't necessarily want to go. I just don't like being forced to stay.
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I find myself believing you, to my utter shame.
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I know. It would be a great deal easier to hate you if you had.
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Oh, Hope. Do you need a hug?
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in general or are you asking how many aren't interested/don't have much of an option in going back home?
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good to know.

[Thankfully sarcasm doesn't read well via text.]

haven't really done a headcount or asked enough people to know.

thing is a few of us are dead or worse off in their worlds. sending everyone back is a literal death sentence to some.
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appreciate it.

if none of you here now fully understands how that door works, does that mean that the money is on love or tranquility?
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interesting. is he that starved for power that he thinks everyone should stay?
didn't think he likes us THAT much.
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cant you all just create people like whoever lived here before?
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how did the people who were in this city before come here then?
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suppose that'd make a little more sense.

did you like them?


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