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video; high octane poor life decisions

[One day, Gren is going to learn a very valuable lesson: do not mix alcohol and drugs. That day is not today.]

[The video, when it turns on, swings wildly. Hopefully nobody gets seasick too easily, because damn, it's motion sickness central right here. The backdrop is... probably Delight's bar, if anyone can make sense of the video long enough.]

You know what? You know fuckin' what?

[Gren is drunk. Not only is Gren drunk, but he's also had like a handful of those other things that Delight hands out that get people high as shit, so he's both drunk and high. It's a terrible combination of belligerent and feeling untouchable that can really only lead to Bad Things.]

I'm fuck-all tired of bein' a fuckin' buffet for a bunch of shit-for-dick "gods"-- [The feed swings again, like he tried to do airquotes with only one hand. The hand that is also holding the camera.] --who can't get their fuckin' shit together long enough to not make everything a fuckin' clusterfuck. And then they treat us like we're fuckin' children or some shit, like we don't got the fuckin' right to decide what fuckin' happens to us. We're the fuckin' burdens, but they're the one bringin' in fuckin' monsters and dragons and shit to drop on our fuckin' heads. Fuckin' thanks for that, assholes.

[The feed swings around and then back; he's grabbed another bottle of something alcoholic and knocks an unhealthy portion of it back. Seriously, he's a champ, if your definition of 'champ' is 'fucking alcoholic'.]

Like that fuckin' piece of fuck Sorrow. Fuck that guy, oughtta smack the fuckin' bitch outta that motherfucker.

[He pauses. Something terrible is about to happen.]

I fuckin' oughtta smack the fuckin' bitch outta that guy.

[His voice shifts from rant mode to something firmer and slightly less profanity-ridden.]

Hey, all you fucks. [Slightly less.] I'm comin' for all you fuckin' godly piece of shits. C'mon and fuckin' have a go if you think you're fuckin' hard enough.

[He turns. Delight is behind the bar.] 'Cept for you. You're fuckin' okay.
circumitus: its people like u that make people like me go to rehab. he has a lazy eye for christ sakes. (your girlfriend is a south jersey whore)


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You know, it isn't always the best idea to give your enemy a heads up when you plan to attack.
circumitus: Keep up the good work. (it's a 12/12/12 miracle)


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That's some big talk for one drunk guy.
circumitus: If you can't drink cheep beer and whiskey with me, I don't want you. (fuck it)


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Pass. Can you even stand long enough to throw a good punch?
circumitus: I CAN QUIT ANY FUCKING TIME I WANT. (i'm not drunk YOU'RE drunk)


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If you say so.

[She's not being totally dismissive or anything.]

And if you do manage to stand long enough to dole out a good beating on one of the gods, you better get that shit on video.