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I think that, um, with all those portals being closed, that's the last of the things that the Door brought through. I can't sense anything else, anyway.

Whew!!! What a crazy couple of weeks! You guys were all real troopers for hanging in there with us. I really thought we might be able to send you home!

I'd say "drinks are on me", but they kind of always are... so stop by for some drinks if you want! I've got some Delight shots ready to serve up too if any of you want to party all night with me!!! It's gonna be really fun, okay? We can forget all about that weird Door/demon/disaster stuff for awhile and just have a good time.

I'm already looking forward to it!
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been meanin 2 ask u

this guys been asking me 4 condiments @ the bar

cld u stock some?
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[It actually takes Nick a full minute to puzzle through what Delight's referring to.]


not condoms




that kinda thing
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[Delight, Nick likes you, but she's totally dragging her hand down her face right now.]

and mayo i think? even tho its gross
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cool thx