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I'm Just A Soul Whose Intentions Are Good | Video| OTA

[The first thing is that the phone has been propped between two branches on a tree in the orchard. Ushahin needs both hands for the task at hand. He's trying to peel a piece of fruit that has a bright purple skin on it. The problem is that if he tries to use his good hand to peel, his bad one can't hold onto it firmly enough, so it falls. If he tries to use his bad hand to peel while his good hand holds, his crippled fingers don't have enough force to break the skin. He'll be trying both methods alternately as he speaks in his usual soft tone.]

I was thinking tonight. A dangerous pastime, to be certain, but what I was thinking was this. How many of us who have been brought here are good? [He pauses, trying to get his nails under the skin, and he fails.]

I would ask how many of you here think you are a good person but-- [And there goes the fruit again, falling out of his bad left hand. He sighs and picks it back up.] --I don't think many of us have that high of a opinion of ourselves. I know I don't. [He's shattered too many minds and killed far too many people to think he's still got a soul anywhere close to being pure.]

So I will ask this. How many of you think those who are here with you are good people? Your family and friends, how many of them are good souls? [The fruit slips from his grasp once again.]

Damn. [He's given up trying to do this the nice, neat way. He ends the video by using his good hand for support, then biting down into the peel, and using his teeth to tear it partially off. It's not the most dignified method of being able to peel the fruit, but at this point, he's too stubborn to give up.]
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That usually works better if you've got a knife, y'know.

[Said with a kind of gentle teasing - what passes for gentle teasing from Nick, anyway.]

To answer your question ... my dad was good. Everyone else ... I dunno, I always just figured everyone's shitty and there's no point to trying to be any different.

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I wouldn't really say this place has given me any reason to trust in the intentions of gods, y'know?

[And she grins at him. But point taken, and she shrugs at the rest of what he says.]

I perceive people how they are. Can't help it if people tend to end up living up to my expectations of shittiness.
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[Nick tips her head to the side and taps a finger on her chin, making a show of studying him through the video screen.]

Yeah, you're all right.

[And she grins again, then shrugs.]

You've been through a lot of shit.

[She's not only seen but also felt the pain he's suffered over the many years he's lived. Maybe some of the things he's done are things other people would condemn him for and classify as evil, but Nick doesn't see it that way.]
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Interesting, huh ... I guess that's one way to put it.

[It seems too kind of a word for what he's experienced, in Nick's opinion.]

I mean, I guess interesting is better than boring, right? Living for practically ever would be pretty terrible if it was boring.
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Well, if I end up stuck here forever, that's pretty much guaranteed never to happen.
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[Nick snorts quietly.]

You seen a whole lot of goodwill from these assholes? Besides, they all say it's not up to them that we're here. Who fuckin' knows, really.