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✫ 001 [text, filtered away from Sans and Papyrus]

hey there!!!!!!
so uh hypothetically if you were in a prank war with your roommates
and you were running out of ideas bc one of them already sabotaged the plumbing
how would you escalate that
without killing them and/or blowing up the house

[It's not even remotely hypothetical. The last week or so in the skeleton-and-lizard household have been ridiculous.]

oh and uhm
for ppl whove asked the gods for stuff before
how do you go about spreading hope lmao
i was thinking of a mew mew marathon maybe but its all on my laptop
which im... trying to get the charger for so uh
maybe talk to me about your favorite tv shows?? or something??????????
thnx =^w^=
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this is because of the hot sauce isnt it?
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not exactly.
just might have given him the idea.

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[In all fairness, it isn't like Rey specifically told Sans to exact such a prank. Just gave him the idea without the intent to do so.]

well if he didn't apologize then that's just downright rude.

you said you were taking suggestions tho?
guess retaliation us the only option.
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prank war, huh?
might know a thing or two about those.

[Especially the "war" aspect of it.]

got any duct tape or saran wrap at your place?
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will be easier to just show you. you'll probably need help anyway.
is he sleeping right now?
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even better.
be there soon.

[Rey doesn't even need to ask for the address since, hurr durr, she already knows now.]