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[The video opens with Sato's face mostly filling the screen, so it's hard to tell exactly where he is. For anyone who's seen him before, there's one major change; he does not look happy.]

Hello everyone. I'm Sato.

I've been here for many months now, and been watching the sad state of affairs we are living in. Our lives are nothing more than playthings for the so-called gods, revived again and again to serve as their sources of power. Yet even in this troubled situation, man always seems to find a way to oppress man.

I'm speaking, of course, about the City Guard.

These people have put themselves in a position of authority over all of us in this city, keeping the peace... their idea of the peace.

But I ask you, who are they to tell you or I what we should be doing, how we should be feeling, when we are already prisoners to begin with? We have to go with our emotions, speak.. and act... from the heart! [he clenches his hand and places it over his heart, speaking with renewed intensity] If you feel that the windows should go, if these buildings need to burn to the ground, then you should be free to do it! If god damn animals are infesting this city, then you should be free to take them out and throw their corpses in the river! Whatever aggravates you, there is always one of them in the way trying to calm things down and keep you from expressing how you truly feel! We have let these feelings simmer for far too long, let them keep us quiet for the gods to feed from for too long! And I know that I, at least, am not willing to let these jackbooted thugs tell me what I can and cannot do.

No, they will not have their peace. The first step to liberation is to depose these puppets, and show the gods our fury.

That's why I'm calling to all of those in the City Guard to disband their organization, abandon their posts. Of course, [...he shakes his head...] we all know that they won't give up the authority that they've been holding so easily, will they? That's why I am asking all whose hearts beat with mine and earn for true freedom to join me in front of their headquarters at dawn tomorrow... where we will deal with them and put an end to their injustices once and for all.

Let me remind you that extremism in the defence of liberty is no vice, and that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.

[There's a brief pause with him scowling into the camera before he adds:]

And in case the Guard thinks they can stop this resistance by blocking off the Armory [Sato adjusts the phone to angle over his shoulder, showing off a pile of assorted weapons that a medieval warlord would be proud of, largely collected over the last few months from the Armory, everything from crossbows and morning stars to pickaxes and... is that some C4 on the table???] Think again.

[That scowl twists a little at that point into a vicious smirk before the feed cuts off.]
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[Rey, having never been all that public about her role with the City Guard, isn't about to make any exceptions to her routine now.

[Instead, she just stares blankly at her phone for a moment, before flipping on the voice:]


[In the background, one might be able to hear a series of fiery cracks that doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon.]
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Am not really interested in being part of your "suicide bomb" schedule, if that's where you're getting at with that display. [She sees that C4, bro.] Not that you'd have anything to worry about.

[Or Rey, for that matter, since not only would she be able to handle the brunt end of an explosion if it did come to that, people don't tend to stay dead here. But that's not the point.

[The point is, there is no point. To any of this. All she cares about right now is that Sato is awake, so she isn't going to have to storm over there and punch him in the throat for that, at least.]
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[Now Rey is starting to feel better about relocating her explosives cache every now and then. Stuff like that have no business being in one place for too long.]

Why? Not satisfied with the arsenal you've already gathered?

[She has to wonder how much of this was planned ahead of time, seeing how much he has collected from the armory.]
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A little ingenuity goes a long ways.

[Like creating homemade explosives from scratch.]

Was that your intention from the start or is it just a convenient side-effect of whatever it is you're trying to do?
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[As usual, he talks like this is a video game. Like he's cashing in a kill streak with the actual lives he's toying with.]

Can think of a few DEWs that would be useful right about now. [Mostly for dealing with damage control when Sato decides to shake up the pot. Ugh.]

That depends on how much damage you're looking to do here and why. What do you stand to gain from any of this?
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Not really. To be honest, this all seems like a waste of time.

[Plus she has sleeping people who are far more worthy of her ire.]
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Wouldn't bother -- they're not there. Been moving them around in case some idiot who doesn't know how to handle a whole ton of liquid explosives stumble on it.

[That's part of the reason, anyway, so she's not necessarily lying.]

Will deliver a cache to you, though. Go to town. Paint it red. Don't care.
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Yes. It was fun. But didn't care about any of those things we killed. The Guard, though? They're not all bad people.

Besides, have already burned one too many bridges recently. Don't care to bring down more.