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[Cole sounds panicked when the audio begins. It's highly likely that this is only audio because he was smashing buttons and that's what came up. Still, it works in his favor as he doesn't want to be found.]

It...it's too loud, too red with too much rage. It shouldn't be that. It shouldn't.

[That doesn't mean that it isn't, though, and that's the part he doesn't understand. He isn't supposed to be this angry over something that doesn't matter.]

Why is it so angry?

[He pauses there, though, as if he's waiting for an answer. He knows it won't be coming. So after a few moments he speaks again, softly, but no less distressed.]

Don't look for me. I don't want to be found. I won't hurt people.

[He's still not really sure how to turn it off, though, so instead of ending the message, he just goes silent until it times out the recording.]
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Well, Rage would sure as hell explain what's happening. That bitch must be hungry for another boost.

[At least she isn't feeling particularly compelled to kill anyone this time. Just kick them out of their power naps.]
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Some people don't have much of a choice.

[Not everyone can be winners.]