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Hey there. Thanks for telling Hope to bring me back - hopefully you all can get some use out of these vehicles I made. I think they're pretty neat.

How are you all liking the place? I forgot how messed up the city got before I died. It looks like Hope fixed some of it up, at least. I'm too low on power to do any real improvements, but this temporary facelift should last for a little longer. Enjoy the vacation while you can, uh - 'humans', right? That's what most of you are called?

Enjoy the vacation, humans, and the vehicles. I'm Tranquility, I made this city, and it's sure nice to be back.
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appreciate the cleanup.

and no not all of us are human, but it sounds like neither were your previous inhabitants.
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that's interesting, since you guys look human-shaped enough.
unless that isn't your original appearance.
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actually that is not all that unreasonable.
what do you normally look like then?
confusion kept going on about how human legs are "stubby and useless" do you have multiple legs?