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[Not long after this.

At first glance, it appears to be Maketh holding the phone. It's her usual uniform, perfectly ironed, hair pinned up in a severe bun. She's standing outside the guardpost, rifle at her side. Everything looks as it ought to except for a single detail. The blue sash that all the guardsmen wear as a symbol of their position is nowhere to be seen.

Oh, and ignore the spray of blood across her chest. That's not important at all.]

Hello, citizens. I fear this experiment in democracy has gone on a little too long. It's high time to dispense with the nonsense and remember where we ought to stand. And what we are.

[She smiles.]

You needn't worry. The Empire loves all his children. All he asks is your loyalty.

[She pauses, glancing back at the guardpost.]

I'm terribly sorry about the mess, of course. But civilization always comes with a price. A gesture was necessary.

[Her tone hardens.]

Guardsmen, report in immediately. I want this under control.
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The fuck are you doing?
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Yes, clearly.

You're still full of shit, though.
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This is different. This is not your "Empire".
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Pretty sure you're going to have a hard time getting any traction with that if that little gesture of yours is how your Empire does things.
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Sure, if you think inspiring sedition to be a wonder.
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You're underestimating the numbers of stubborn fools that live here.
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[She scoffs.]

Please. As if you could kill everyone.
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Still. That wouldn't kill everyone. And you'd better be sleeping with one eye open, or not sleeping at all.
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For your sake, you better hope not. Have a bit of a twitchy trigger finger when it comes to the heads of tyrants.