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Video (forward-dated to the 25th)

[Frisk looks a little beat up, today. And that’s okay; they look how they feel; barely capable of getting out of bed and more tired than they’ve ever been. The busted lip is healing. One side of their face is just one big bruise. But their speech, when it comes, is calm enough.]

Monster funerals are really cool. That’s what they told me.

When a monster dies, they turn into dust. And then you sprinkle that dust on their favorite thing. Then their essence lives on in it forever.

I… [A purse of their lips. Silence, before they reluctantly go on.] I don’t know where Asriel’s dust is. But I have Sans’, and…

[More silence. Eventually, they hold up a pad of paper, a pen. Already, the borders have been filled in with as many cartoonish stars as possible, but there’s a lot of space there.]

I don’t feel very funny right now, but he loved jokes.

...Does anyone know any good ones?
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[Rey is looking rather worse for wear herself. It's not why her face isn't visible, as this routine is just habit -- but she doesn't sound particularly well, either. She sounds like she's had too many cigarettes over the last few years, speaking with a hoarse and weary voice:]

Know some jokes, but not sure if you'd get many of them. [Military humor and all.]

Can remember a few amusing stories, if you don't mind hearing one.
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No worries. It's a short one.

So an infantryman, a soldier, and a scout were hunting in a forest when they stumbled across a set of tracks.

The infantryman says, "Those are deer tracks."

The soldier snorts and says, "Shit no, these are elk tracks."

"You're both wrong," says the scout. "These are moose tracks."

The three continue arguing until the train comes and hits them.
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[Probably the reason why she doesn't get invited to parties.]

Well, it's likely.


Yes they all died.

[It was more for Frisk than for Sans, anyway. But that is... definitely a terrible joke for a kid, isn't it? Not like Rey thinks about those things.]
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Well, it wasn't necessarily for Sans.
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Ah. You're... welcome.



So, unless you want to hear more stupid jokes-- [or Rey's attempt at jokes, that is] --will just. Go.