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✤ One. (voice;)

[The Network. As useful as it may be, Regis is quite hesitant to use it. Why? Well, there's plenty of reasons 'why' but none any better than the fact there's depraved criminals lurking about. How depraved? Those twisted enough to devour the corpse of their victims for all to behold. His brief conversation with one of these killers completely stamped out all of Regis' desire to converse with others in his realm.

That is until now.

After speaking with Faith regarding this sinful realm and the deities who rule it, Regis decided now was the time to seek an audience with the alleged "Gods". Though, how is he to speak with them? It's not as if they broadcast themselves on here often. Since Regis has arrived, these so-called deities been silent, oddly so. Still quite anxious about using this Network as a means of contacting these False Gods, Regis eventually does speak after a moment of deep contemplation.

I humbly beseech any and all who knows of the "Gods" to speak plain and true.

[His voice is quiet but not without certainty. He's a king after all. Hesitation isn't permitted even in strange matters such as this.]

The last several weeks have been quite daunting to plenty and many who've endured great hardships. Bonds have been broken and friendships lead askew by murderous endeavors of those who perverted the good image of many. With this known to all of us here, I think now would be the time for the Gods to speak.

Is it in hubris alone that 'Fear' and 'Hope' would steal others away from their rightful worlds for the sake of this war of attrition? If so, there's much to discuss and I'm willing to do so in private if the public channels ill-suits any who speaks.

[He ends the recording with that for now. It seems as good a place to end it. Now the wait begins...]
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Well, if you ask them, they claim that they didn't purposefully cherry pick who comes and who leaves. Door's unpredictable like that.

[Considering the hard time Hope and Delight had when trying to mess with the door, Rey is inclined to believe them.]

They do have private lines of communication, though. You can bug them using that.
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Yes. Numerous times, after being here for a little over a year now.

[Which seems longer on certain days.]

They do, sometimes. It's just the more reliable way of contacting them. Gets their interest faster.
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Re: [voice]

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Ah, you have family here?

[Even though his tone wavers, it is something she notes. It's interesting.]

Don't believe we have, no. Name is Rey. [No-last-name.]
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Re: [voice]

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[Having a father who is selfish in a very much different way, Rey isn't sure what to think. Family is a weird, complicated matter to her.]

They're sometimes... selective with who they talk to, unless you seek them out. Don't see them on the open wire a whole lot unless it suits them.

Am assuming you're new here.
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Re: [voice]

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["Others", he says. Plural. That does sound unusual.]

How many from your world are here now?

[It does happen, she knows. Sadly, the one person who had ever arrived to Hadriel from Rey's own world was the last person she'd ever hope to show up here. Fortunately, that visitor's time here was very short-lived. Just not short-lived enough, as far as Rey is concerned.]

Those plant things? They're pretty susceptible to fire. [Which isn't a big deal when you can generate enough heat to render bones into ash and are ready for it.] But there are people in this city who could heal your injury, if you need it.
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Re: [voice]

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[She can tell when someone isn't partial to sharing, so she doesn't pry. Caution with trusting strangers is one thing she can be on the same page with.

[Besides, it sounds like his injury is more important, and that is something she might be able to offer helpful advice on.]

There's a clinic, but there might be someone around who can heal your wounds. Was helped by him a couple times before after a few... situations.

[One was a bullet to the head, the second was near disembowelment. So yeah, she's fairly sure Carlisle can handle a knee injury.]
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Re: [voice]

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If getting to the clinic is an issue, you shouldn't have to worry. This guy can make house calls, so to speak.

[She'll just ping a handy contact his way.]
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If you're talking about when the majority of the city's population had clones coming after them and everything they love, you can rest easy. Those incidents tend to have a limited timespan before we're back to the same old shit, different day.

Besides, he'd probably trip over his shoelaces sooner than actually kill someone. [Rey is speaking from experience here, having taken out Carlisle's double herself.]
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Re: [voice]

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Well, wouldn't say that it's all been put behind us, necessarily. Certain 'gods' have played little death games with our lives on more than one occasion.

[Rey has yet to experience dying here firsthand. Not that she's in any such hurry, being no stranger to death herself. She'd hate to think what even her temporary absence would do to Nick, anyway.]

Not at all. Just tell yourself that he's more likely to be afraid of you than you are of him and you should be good. [Another mild joke, there.] And, um. You're welcome.

[Geez. Being thanked is still an awkward thing for her.]