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012 [Video]

[The person in the video might look familiar to some, if slightly more tired and banged up than usual. Still, despite the bruise on his forehead and the dark streaks of ash on his face and clothes his eyes are bright, indicating to anyone even slightly acquainted with him that he's about to say something ridiculous.]

Surprise, bitch, I bet you thought you'd seen the last of me.

[His voice is a little weak but he delivers the line with all the sassiness it deserves, before suddenly offering a grin.]

Okay, so like maybe two people here got that reference, but I so don't care. I punched a shark, so I can make whatever meme references I want.

[That's how it works, right?}

So um... Who's still here, I guess? Or who's new? How long have I been gone, because it feels like no time and like, a long time all at once. Sort of.

[He blinks a few times, smile fading a bit, mostly because he's totally exhausted.]

I'm um... I'm Chris, by the way. Been here before and whatever so... Got the general idea. The sharks are sort of new, though. Fucking sharks, man.

[Really, what even.]
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You were gone?

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You're welcome.

[It's what she's here for. Don't you feel at home yet, Chris?


[Yeah. I'm sorry.]

Mm. Had something like that happen. Though it was after being impaled with a piece of metal. Hopefully you had better luck than that. [Le shrug.]
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How long were you gone?

...As in, in your world. Not how long you were gone here. [Because she wouldn't know and that doesn't matter to her.]
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Wait, seriously? What was even the damn point?

[Like he's supposed to just know that, fff.]


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Guess so.

If it's any consolation, you got to miss a serious shit-show. [Pause.] More so than usual.
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We got by, at least.

Just recently had an infestation of doppelgängers hellbent on sabotaging our lives via murder and confession. People died. Parts of the city got destroyed.

[Rey got buried alive.]


It was a shit week.
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To say the least. Guard's HQ has been attacked at least twice now. There might have been others, but would rather not keep a tally.

[No one wants a tally of that.]
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Well, the first time was due to the common error people have in their heads that the Guard holds any place of authority here.

The second wasn't even done by a person. Was one of the aforementioned doppelgängers. [Which Rey didn't, and still does not, even see as "people".]
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[Ugh. Rey understands why her doppelgänger did what it did a little too well.]

Yes, all that thing was interested in was wreaking as much havoc as it could during its short lifespan here. Had to put it down.