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012 [Video]

[The person in the video might look familiar to some, if slightly more tired and banged up than usual. Still, despite the bruise on his forehead and the dark streaks of ash on his face and clothes his eyes are bright, indicating to anyone even slightly acquainted with him that he's about to say something ridiculous.]

Surprise, bitch, I bet you thought you'd seen the last of me.

[His voice is a little weak but he delivers the line with all the sassiness it deserves, before suddenly offering a grin.]

Okay, so like maybe two people here got that reference, but I so don't care. I punched a shark, so I can make whatever meme references I want.

[That's how it works, right?}

So um... Who's still here, I guess? Or who's new? How long have I been gone, because it feels like no time and like, a long time all at once. Sort of.

[He blinks a few times, smile fading a bit, mostly because he's totally exhausted.]

I'm um... I'm Chris, by the way. Been here before and whatever so... Got the general idea. The sharks are sort of new, though. Fucking sharks, man.

[Really, what even.]
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No fucking way. Chris?!
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Holy shit, dude - what the fuck happened? I mean - I know what happened. Where've you been?

[Please don't say Canada.]
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Man, fuck Canada. I ended up there too, when I got sent back.

[Not that she's still salty about that or anything!!]

Where the fuck are you right now?
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No shit. I hear Mexico's nice this time of year. Any time of year, actually.

[There's no snow. And probably? no monsters.]

You OK? Got any new monsters on your heels?
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Yeah, I can really only read the signs at the laundromat in my old neighborhood. Prob'ly wouldn't be a whole lotta help there.

[And she probably knows better than to ask this, but.]

How the fuck do we have sharks? This place wasn't an ocean, last I checked.
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This fuckin' place, man ... I mean, it ain't Canada ...

[But the bullshit quotient sure does keep them all on their toes. Nick sighs loudly.]

Look, I'm gonna come find you, OK? Sit tight - unless something tries to eat you, obviously.
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[It takes Nick about twenty minutes to find the shop where Chris is holed up - slightly longer than it would have taken if she hadn't had an unpleasant encounter or three of her own with the sharks. A good couple of Shadow Blasts apiece, and each one skittered off, leaving Nick's Morphus form mostly unscathed - mostly. There's a large toothy rip across one sleeve of her dress by the time she arrives, firing off a parting bolt at the most recent attacker.]

Go back to the fucking beach, you fucker!

[Nick sighs in disgust at the torn fabric on her upper arm, then pokes her head into the doorway of the shop.]

Yo, Chris! You in here?
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[Nick laughs, partly out of relief and partly as a response to the reaction itself, and quickly changes back to her more human appearance.]

Hey, I know you.

[She's smiling broadly as she crosses toward the counter, and if Chris allows it, she's giving him a hug. There are not many people who get Nick hugs, but Chris is at the top of that list.]

Shit, I missed you. I missed you a lot.