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第9 [text]

since a whole bunch of you just got here, i just wanted to point out that if you need clothes altered or tailor made so you have more than just the clothes you got here in, i have a standing deal with delight: tell her one happy memory, and she'll give you a bolt of good cotton fabric in a solid color

we have a sewing shop by the lake. [attachment: map.jpg] you'll know it when you see it

pell and i can mend and sew or teach you how to sew your own clothes

[She's about to post this when she remembers her new bff, who goes just about everywhere with her. On most days. Unless he's hunting.]

lately i bring our house's wolf when i'm there. he's nice, but he will attack you if you're an asshole

[That last part is a lie, but she's just going to leave it at that.]

(ooc: Action logs with Emily (and Wolfie) at the shop can be done in Emily's inbox or in the log comm. She's there pretty much every day and makes it a point not to be too mean to people, which... isn't saying much! I'm also down to handwave meetings.)
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[Ignoring everything else and-]

you have a wolf?
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[oh okay.]

does he take visitors?
would like to see him.

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no worries. can always stop by when you don't have anyone dropping in.
if you wouldn't mind that is.