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✘ Round 3 | [Audio]

[Despite things in his apartment being a little bit more complicated than usual, Glacius comes to the network today with a relatively straightforward question. Since Carlisle has sequestered himself away in his room--again, a concerning tendency that has developed only recently-- he assumes now is as good a time as any, though he doesn't particularly care if the clergyman sees it or not. One way or another he's going to find out what the alien is up to, he'd just prefer his efforts to culminate in a nice surprise for his friend.] Hello, fellow residents of Hadriel. I have a simple question, so I will get right to it: is there anyone here would happen to be kind enough to teach me how to make any dishes or meals that are commonly enjoyed by humans?

I live amongst you now, after all, so I should... probably know how to better provide for my friends. You can leave recipes here--or if you are feeling particularly inclined, I would be willing to take lessons as well. It would have to be in your residence, however... I doubt my roommate is currently up to entertaining company, and I do not want to infringe upon what I assume is wanted space.

Thank you for your time.
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Can think of a few things to show you, maybe. Have to get creative sometimes, since ingredients tend to vary here from back home.

[She hesitates. Then, genuinely wondering:]

Out of curiosity, what is it you normally eat?
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[In spite of his long-winded response, one detail is what gets Rey's attention:]

Wait. We have sushi here?
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[Okay, you spend most of your life not knowing what food tastes like, you learn to fucking love it when you can actually enjoy stuffing your face. Contain yourself, Rey.]

Enjoy it, yes. Have become... really fond of a lot of Asian cuisines. Just have a hard time finding ingredients to replicate certain dishes.

Not to mention trusting meat products the gods provide.


...Come to think of it, those sharks that showed up recently should be edible. Brought some home for storage.
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[She shrugs -- not that Glacius can see the gesture through lack of visuals.]

Wouldn't really know how it works, either. Don't have a human digestive system, and am able to process certain things different from them.

Like alcohol, for example. Takes a longer time to have any effect.

Could probably drink straight rat poison and be fine. [Not that she's cared to try, though.]
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Am pretty hard to kill. That much you've seen by now.

[Between surviving a rebar impaled straight through her chest as well as making regular treks into the caves to blow off steam via killing shit, she doesn't make it a big secret.]

That shouldn't be too difficult. Haven't found that many things to dislike.