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Hey, nice job with that whole game, guys. You all did really well, I was impressed. Hope you're enjoying the blessings.

Anyway, my team won. Great job on the teamwork and coordination, that was pretty awesome. I love seeing people working together - but not too hard, you know? Shoutout to Rage's team, too, you guys did real good but she doesn't like it much when you make Delight sad. Kinda thought that would be obvious, but still, good effort!

All right, Team Tranquility. Let me know what you'd each like as your prize and I'll see what I can do.
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So how much stock would you be interested in providing to somebody else's bar? I'm not trying to step on any toes...

[But the liquor, see...]
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What'll compensate me for helping win that nice little contest of yours? I might be willing to come back later and make another deal when we run out.
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How about fifteen? Fifteen's a good start.
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[What kind of being isn't into negotiation?? He'd argue if he didn't really want his stupid alcohol.]

Just trying to help with how much we drink. Are you familiar with whiskey yet?
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You're a pal. Thanks a lot.
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there's another bar set up here. old place, from before delight came back. hasn't been kept up for a while, but was thinking about fixing it up.

if you'd like help with that project of yours.
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Unless we're rolling in those around here, a friend of mine's already found it.

What sort of help are you offering?
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other than a bunch of rundown restaurants, don't think we are.

know how to make homebrew and wine. with some of the supplies and shit they got here, should be able to make a steady supply of alcohol that doesn't have to be produced by the gods.
just never had much of a reason to put anything together - that is until some jackass blew up the bar.
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[HIRED IMMEDIATELY.... but no, play it cool.]

I'll need to try it first, but so far you're in. I'm Ned, the other name to know's Jacob Frye. Nobody's going to blow up this bar if they want to keep their femurs.
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no problem. will just need a few weeks - fermentation and all. remaining supply should hold out until then, provided that people don't go crazy. [And hey, you never know, given the people around here...]

name is rey. might have already met jacob.
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You don't say. Big guy, scruffy, holes in his coat?

If I get my fifteen bottles, plus the one I swiped back when the contest started, we'll be alright.

[And the femurs, he's serious about that. Jacob will want to break legs, minimum.]
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likes hats as well?

got to be careful with that supply. you'd be surprised how much copious amount of drinking people can do around here.
still have a few bottles left at that bar tho, so that'll have to do.

[Hell, him and Rey both. Femurs and funny bones alike will have a bad day in that event.]
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Too much. That's the one.

And don't worry, I'm real good at being careful. You want to set your gear up at the bar while we get it spruced up? Could clear a space.

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Think you'll need any help with that?
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could use some help to make a steady supply, yes.
you know anything about distilling firo?
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Some. I wasn't involved in that part of the Family's business but I've been around long enough to pick some up.

What're you going to want to make? We didn't do any of that bathtub gin if that's what you want.

[Well... they didn't sell it in their restaurant, at least. The Martillos are classier than that.]
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good enough. it's pretty simple, just takes a lot of waiting time.

will need to the right materials, but for now we should be able to put together some strong wines and the like. some pretty decent moonshine too.

[Or passable, at least.]
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Great. Good thing that one guy made the orchard or whatever it is. We can probably get some stuff from there.

What supplies do you already have?
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was thinking something along those lines too.
could probably make some interesting stuff with some of the fruit there.

got things for wine, but will need to hunt for some gear to do proper distillation for the harder stuff.
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I'll look around and bring it by your place if I find it.

Should probably start on the wine now so that there isn't a riot when everybody runs out.