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five ☠ video | open to both sides!

[There's something distinctly different about Fear when he turns the video on this time. He seems even less human than normal, not breathing, not blinking, as if he's forgotten how to manipulate his form so that it actually appears lifelike.

He manages to move his mouth as he speaks, but the motion doesn't quite sync up with the words echoed in through the mic.] I've finally failed.

[His eyes are unfocused, but he looks downward, contemplative.]

I only got half the city out. It won't be enough- we can't start over, not without Hope. So it ends here, I suppose.

[He takes in his first breath since beginning the recording, letting it out in a long sigh.]

I'm sorry.
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How lovely... they must really hate you all. Did you manage to cohexist before... whatever happened?

But you would be able to... survive? If you keep moving? Oh, wait, right, no hope, just fear needed right now.

[There's a long pause on her part]

Maybe those are things you should share with everyone, just to settle the mood in...
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Were you all... their 'gods'?

[Well, cosidering how desperate the situation is...]

You can't... run back to Hope, can you? Or at least teleport it where you are?

Good. Do your best to scare us... and- I assume whoever is in the other part of the city is out of reach, right? I can't contact my friend.
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[Well, this is interesting.

[It'll be a bit before Rey wakes up and sees all this hysteria, but eventually a groggy voice comes onto the line:]

What type of specialized weapons? Like masers?

[This makes Sorrow's interest in that gun from her world more compelling.]
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One of the weapons used was similar, yes.

[He confirms quietly.]

Though, on a much larger scale.
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Remember you mentioning that.

Did you want it to understand that tech better, or were you afraid we'd use it against you?

[She doubts a maser of that size would have been a threat to the gods, but you never know.]
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Some of you are quite murderous. I found it prudent to remove any temptation to use it.


Why yes, he did lie to her.]

It wouldn't have been particularly effective, but it's a path I'd rather not go down.
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...Point taken.

[Considering she just tried to murder someone over a petty relationship chart, Rey is not one to argue. Or get mad that Sorrow lied.]

The gun has limited charges, but would something like that be any good against whoever killed you? Doesn't sound like they're the types that can be fought off with the swords and spears at Rage's armory, if they were able to kill you guys.
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It's doubtful. I'd rather fewer of them be in existence than risk it being used against us.


Something to look into, if we survive this.
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Mm. Those weapons aren't uncommon back home. But then, the more common kinds you see here are considered antiques.

[What he says after that pause is good enough, though.]

At least consider it, or something. If nothing else, a stronger private arsenal for emergency situations like this would be helpful.

[They have a right to be better equipped -- especially since not everyone are powered supersoldiers like she was made to be.]
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I don't know if it would be effective.

[He admits. And then, just so that she's aware-]

-we are not a species accustomed to war. Neither were our hosts. [Calm, though this topic is... a little painful.] It's one of the reasons we now face extinction.


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Your kind might not be, but some of us here are.

Hell, was made to fight from day one.

It's obvious that you people can't keep running forever. We get through this, we need answers about what it is we're dealing with here. You owe us that much.

[She isn't being harsh in saying this. Just practical. It's important to know your enemy.]
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[On all points. Sorrow is quiet a moment, before continuing.]

I don't know if Fear intended for the Door to bring hosts with combat experience, but I won't deny that your knowledge could prove invaluable. I'll answer your questions, but I know less than I'd like to about what we face.
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...Thank you.

[Sorrow, has Rey ever told you that you're her favorite? Because she just might once all of this is over.]

Every little bit helps. If anything, you know more about these guys than we do. [Since they don't know much of a damn thing.]
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[Hey, Sorrow has an odd way of worming into people's hearts with his cold practicality. He'd be pleased to hear that he's won someone else over- though, probably during a better time.]

They are unfeeling. We were once tentative partners in trade and colonization, but our... unintended effects on them caused them to lash out against us and decide that our extermination was necessary to maintain their order.

[He lets out a soft sigh- remorseful maybe, for everything that they'd lost... but now isn't the time for that either.]

They are efficient, brutal, and have advanced weapons and technology that we do not. They devised a way to kill us quickly and tore down entire colonies with methodical ease- firstly, by eliminating our hosts and depriving us of power before turning to us.

As far as I know, we are the only colony left alive.
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[In all fairness, they're better postponing any fuzzies for a better time.]

Wow, a people retaliating because they don't appreciate emotions being forced on them. That isn't familiar.

[She says this flatly. Intended or not, Rey knows when a cycle is ready to repeat itself. Others such as Sharon had already tried to kill Hope, and shares no love for the gods. It's no wonder why they wouldn't want their new "hosts" to be better equipped.

[But a more advanced and unfeeling race waging war against a force based on emotions is also familiar, and from Rey's own world no less.]

They sound like machines. It's no wonder why you thought it was better to keep us here.
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Is it forcing if we did not facilitate it? [He asks, a little displeased by her reaction.] We are creatures comprised of energy, we cannot prevent the emotional runoff that occurs as a result of proximity to us. Does that justify our extermination, in your mind?

[Sorry Rey, it's a bit of a touchy subject, but her viewpoint on the matter isn't hard to discern, particularly as someone who has been subject to their meddling. He supposes that it would be different if they'd met in another time, when the gods didn't have to manipulate their hosts like this, but- that isn't this reality.]

In a manner of speaking, they are.
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No, don't think your kind should be exterminated. Am sorry for what happened, and the loss of your people.

[Rey can tell that it's a sore spot for them, and that they were more to the gods than just batteries. Or, at least, most of the gods, as far as she can see.]

They are? [Interesting.] So are they not organic?
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[He reigns it back in, composing himself quickly. It's painful, but irrelevant to the current situation. He needs to remember that.]

I don't think so, no. Nor are they beings like us.