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[Video] - Side B

[With only dim light and glitching network access it's not the best feed. But with Henry and Maketh standing together, it may well be obvious what this is even before Henry speaks. His voice carries a sharp edge.]

Guardsmen, report in. Start with which half of the city you occupy. Those of you who are able to, make your way to headquarters.

[Maketh's eyes are ringed with dark circles, though her expression is sharp and pointed.]

We all know what the situation is. Stay alert. I trust you all to perform your duty admirably. That is all.
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[Live, from Side A!

[Rey is speaking, but if the melodious sound of static is any indicator, she's not anywhere within reach.]
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What in God's name...?

[Then, as a confused aside to Maketh:]

...It says it is—

[He cuts himself short as he remembers that Rey isn't using her name for Guard business.]