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six ☠ video

[Fear looks... well, a good deal worse than he did a few weeks ago, if such a thing is even possible. He doesn't even really look like a concrete person any longer- large portions of his skin are just missing, revealing his form to be distressingly hollow on the inside, with a green mist seeping in through the gaps.

It's a bit of a horrific sight. His remaining eye isn't focused remotely on the screen anymore, and his mouth no longer moves when he talks- the sound just booms out of him in his usual voice.]'s done.

Don't bother me for awhile.

[The feed cuts a little abruptly. Time to celebrate Hadriel, you're all safe for now.]
circumitus: This is drunk and confused... (this is worse than naked and afraid)


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Take a rest. You look like you need it.

[Oh, and-]

Thanks. Appreciate it.