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[Someone's being a grouch on the network...mostly because he's avoiding his newfound and apparently mandatory circadian rhythm and he'd rather not, you know?]



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[it is pretty much the dead of night, since Law is doing his best not to sleep if he doesn't have to. It'll catch up to him eventually, but he's fighting it as best he can. Wearing this shirt no less, but it's less for irony and more for a need to do laundry. He's not here to talk about weird dreams, though, since without outside input he hasn't yet figured out that it's more than just...nightmares. Plain old nightmares that now feature people in Hadriel since he's been here long enough for them to enter his subconscious.

No, not dreams, although his query is related.

Has anyone ever proposed an idea to find our benefactors an alternate food source?

It wouldn't help them with their Null problem but I have to wonder if it's even possible, and if so, how one would go about experimenting with the possibilities.

[this is where his mind goes on four hours of sleep]
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[Delmar looks notably un-Delmar-esque as he waves into the camera. He's set it up a few paces away from himself, dressed in a plain white t-shirt and dark trousers, the whole of him covered in dust and smudges of dirt. Even his normally perfectly groomed hair is going every which way in short tufts. But despite the fact that he looks like he just climbed out of a dumpster on a construction site, he's smiling]

Hello, everyone. I'm sorry to trouble you but, well, um, I was hoping maybe some of you might be able to help. I need anyone who knows how to build and fix things. There's certainly a lot that needs to be fixed

[He casts an anxious glance around at the ruined building he's standing in before straightening with a thoughtful hum]

Perhaps I should explain myself a bit better.

[Or at all]

You see I have spoken to Hope and Hope has very kindly agreed to help me start up a bakery! [His grin returns as quickly as it had left and he clasps his hands together in his excitement] 

But in order to get it going, I need to fix up one of the abandoned buildings here in town. [He pats a nearby wall as he would a good dog] I've picked one but it's far more than I can fix by myself. So if maybe its not too much trouble I would very much appreciate any help. 

[A hesitation as he tries to remember if there's anything else] 

Thank you very much for your time. Good day! 
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A friend brought up an interesting point; one that I do not think many have considered. In our world, it is common for women to wear dresses - or, at the very least, skirts - and for men to wear pants. Why do you think the practice differs in other worlds? Is it simply for convenience's sake? Does it have to do with the environment or are your worlds particularly combative?

If women need to fight, I cannot imagine them doing so in long dresses!

(There was a time she would not have been caught dead in pants, but they have a use. Arya had been right.)
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[ Anyone who knows Kyrii by now knows that he isn't much of a talker. He's a listener. Well, he's more of a 'stare-er' actually.

But being trapped in a cave and trying to keep everyone relatively safe, even if it meant being stabbed by tree-creatures to do so... He's realizing that not everyone is very capable in taking care of themselves in a fight.

He might as well do something useful with everyone's time and open up a little.

Does everyone here... know how to protect themselves?

[ He's sure he's probably the hundredth person to offer what he's about to.

Oh well.

If you don't...

Let me know.


Oct. 13th, 2017 11:01 pm
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I'm still hung up on that whole paintball thing. I know I shouldn't be. It wasn't my fault. Wasn't any of our faults. Brainwashing in any form's not cool.

[She still wonders if it was her fault. If some part of her is more like her father, or even Hannibal, than she admits to herself.]

I got a free gun out of it. So that's something. I guess.

And in other news, if I wore a shirt that said 'nudist on strike' in big, colourful letters - all of you'd know I'm not really a nudist, right? I found the shirt and I hate for anything to be wasted. I also found one that says 'Joyful Santas of the world unite.' Not sure what that means, but a shirt's a shirt. Maybe I'll wear a red and green scarf with it. Can't let it be wasted either.

[She pauses for a moment as the thought occurs to her that her father would think she wasted her paintball victims by leaving them on the ground to be sent to a party, instead of using them in the way he would have.]

So what are the best, or worst, shirts the rest of you found? I can't be the only one.

[She's trying to distract herself.]
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[The camera opens on two people, sitting shoulder to shoulder and addressing the camera head-on. Or, well... one elf and a skeleton. Taako’s face is wide in a grin, seemingly intent on emoting well enough for the two of them, and they simultaneously move to flip some hair from their faces- or well, Lup would, if she had any. The motion is still recognizable enough as they address the network.]

Helloooo, Hadriel!

[For those who remember Stepford, it might be very reminiscent of their tv show, Lup’s voice coming through loud and clear to make herself a little more recognizable.]

You’re on with the twins, and today, we have a suuuuper important thing we need you to settle.

Bee-tee-dubs, we wouldn’t even need to bother with this if my dear brother could get over himself.

[Taako gives her a look, before re-addressing the camera.] Anyway, so there’s like, transmutation magic, which is awesome and rad, and then there’s evocation, which just like, does elemental stuff or whatever, and is super lame. So if you were gonna pick one--

Yeah, no. [And Lup raises a hand to prove her point, summoning fire instantly to her skeletal palm.] Deffo cooler than anything that comes out of his specialization. Trust me, fam.

[Without even a response, a translucent, spectral hand appears behind Taako, and moving in tandem with his hand, floats into the frame and smacks Lup upside the head before disappearing.]

I can literally turn into anything I want, whenever I want. I can fly, my dude. I could be a shark.

Holy shit, Taako. Give up the shark thing. No one cares about sharks! I’m not trying to crush your game or anything, but pick a better animal.

It’s a fucking shark! What is there not to-- no, you know what, stand back, this is gonna be amazing. [He is, in fact, backing up to give himself some space with the intent to actually do it, tossing his pointy wizard hat to the side in preparation.]

And there he goes again. [Lup could not possibly sound less excited if she tried.]

Check. It. Out. [Taako winks towards the camera, hands on his hips, and then extends his arms, starting to emanate a strange sort of glow. But just before their audience can catch sight of what supremely awesome magic Taako is about to throw down, the camera shifts, pulled to a close up on Lup’s skeletal face. She tilts her head, as if smiling, effectively blocking Taako’s transformation from being seen.]

Y'know, I don’t think I’ve ever looked so good.

[Behind her, a loud and rather angry roar can be heard, that still kind of sounds a little like Taako. The voice that follows is much rougher than his normal tone, because it’s hard to make animal vocal chords try and speak, okay.]


[It’s accompanied by what sounds like some thrashing, and then absolutely the sound of something in their room shattering to the floor. Lup somehow manages to ignore the chaos behind her completely, throwing up a skeletal peace sign before the connection cuts.]

[ooc: Taako is blue, Lup is red, both of them are purple! Specify if you want one or the other because the default is both with a three-way thread!]
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[She's put this off for like a week, thinking it was best to not incite anger, or to bring attention to herself, but it just keeps coming back to bother her. Ellie can't let it go.

The sweater she's sporting perhaps isn't the best thing to be taken seriously in (thanks, evil trees laden with fun shirts!) but anyone who knows Ellie will recognise that fire in her eyes. She's dead serious.]

You know, you can direct all the righteous anger you want to at the gods, and that's fucking fine, I get it even, but have you considered that spending less time arguing with them and more time working towards solutions to all this shit is probably a good idea? Fuck.

It seems like some of you are just totally fine with them dying, and I- you- [Maybe she should have planned this out better. Distress seeps into her voice, and she chokes up a little, but presses on.] I mean, don't you get it? There are people here who aren't even alive back home. A lot of them. If this place goes up in flames, if they gods die, they go nowhere. I'm not letting that happen.

And to this fucking lying scumbag, whoever you are? If you are one of us- I'll find you.

[That didn't go as smoothly or sound as eloquent as she'd hoped for. Ellie switches the video off with more force than is probably necessary.

Incredibly, she doesn't feel much better.]
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'Sup, fellow cave dwellers.

[ Oh, boy. It's that time again. Rose usually only has a tendency to show her face on the network when she's got something 'fun' to say. This isn't one of the rare exceptions to that rule either. She's grinning ear to ear, obviously quite pleased with herself. Some might recognize the backdrop as Sorrow's orchard where she's known to spend quite a lot of her time. ]

Got a gift for ya'll.

cw: mention of drugs, drug use, etc )

You're welcome. I accept thanks in the form of overzealous complements, singing the praises of my coolness, and testaments carved to my honor in stone. You know, the usual.

001; video

Oct. 7th, 2017 10:43 am
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[ Sup Hadriel, it's ya boy Merle, idly chewing on what is hopefully regular food and not like. A random leaf he decided to pick up. Really depends on the day he's having. ]

Well, I could use a little pick-me-up.

Any of you guys wanna schedule some dance lessons? We can all hang in the park or, or on a rooftop or somethin'. Plenty of space. And I'm a certified dance professor! It's a real-- it's a good outlet! Gotta make sure you keep moving! I always say, you gotta dance every. Day. Good for your health. Good to really get in there and express yourself! Cut a little rug, snooze on the alarm, get real footloose.

And you can take that to the bank, 'cause I'm also a cleric.

[ The amount of times during his pitch that he thinks he should introduce himself by name, ever: 0. ]


Oct. 6th, 2017 10:40 am
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[ If you've ever encountered Cecily before, then this may be the worst she's looked in a long time. There's clear evidence of a lack of sleep, along with a number of tears and general angst. ]

This is Inquisitor Trevelyan. [ She doesn't bother apologizing, as she usually does, for accidentally using the now-irrelevant title. ] With Sharon - Sharon Da Silva gone, I will be stepping in to take her place in tending the Memorial Garden. I trust this won't be an issue with anyone.

[ As if to say: "I dare you to try and stop me." ]

I'll need to add- [ "her to the memorial," she starts to say, but her throat closes. Cecily struggles for a moment, then swallows and doesn't finish the thought. ]

... There aren't many of us left. From the beginning. [ Maybe this is a sign: the beginning of the end of their time here.

She ends the feed without a goodbye. ]
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[ It may be an unfamiliar face to many! Malkus is actually appearing on the feed without his signature mask. Even a plague man like him needs fresh air now and then. His sickly facade wasn't far from the norm! That's just... his face. ]

Greetings fellow residents. It has been some time, but with the lull in disturbances I feel now's a better time than any to- ah-... discuss...

[ He scratched his claws against the wood of the bench outside, trying to remember what the hell he was going to say. As the pause grew, he could feel his social anxiety build.

Don't give them dead air, Malkus! The people hated pauses! ]

I am sorry, sleeping outside has left me- e-eh-... melancholic. I'd forgotten what I wanted to bring up. Ah! Yes!

[ He moved the feed to the mask sitting beside himself, placed daintily on a heap of papers and glassware. ]

As it often becomes a point of conversation, I would like to ask my fellow residents if anyone has actually had an epidemic ravage their land. I've come to realize I may be alone in this topic.
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What a nice welcome after such a long time away. You creatures never disappoint with how angry you get.

[Rage is back, back again. Go ahead, tell a friend. She's giving a nonchalant smile that doesn't quite reach her eyes -- it's hard to be pleased about being well fed when you've just spent six months scouting in enemy territory.

In fact, her face goes to neutral as she picks up again.]

First things first: We don't know for certain how the Null were able to find us, but we did discover at least part of the problem: there's a mole in the cave.

[Her voice goes cold when she makes the statement, and it pretty much stays that way for the rest of this post. Also, no, she wasn't trying to make a pun or a clever reference to the city being underground.]

This is the only way for the Null to consistently be able to chase us through space. [And not just because Fear sucks.] Hope and Sorrow's investigation should turn up more information about that. Would that you'd all voted for me, but like my brethren, I'll defer to your decision.

Second, it would seem your strangely shaped bodies have inspired our pursuers. We found them experimenting with bipedal robotic bodies that move the way you do. By the way, that doesn't exactly help anyone's case here. Clearly, they're finding you useful to a large extent.

[She's suspicious as hell, in effect.]

Finally, the Null's objectives have changed. They've constructed prisons capable of containing us no matter the form we take, and not only that, but they'll be able to use us to power their operations. I know some of you will see this as justice, but before you jump to such a predictable conclusion, consider this: our interference aside, the power my siblings and I gain from you is used to keep you alive and comfortable. We're able to coexist. What the Null want is our absolute confinement for their selfish purposes. Think for a moment about what that means. You all seem to like Delight. How would you feel if someone locked her up in a small space to do whatever they want with her?

[She's angrier now, more emotion in her voice and face. The silence after that question is short, but it's long enough for her anger to cool again.]

The mission was too dangerous for us to obtain more information than that. Given we're actively being betrayed by someone here, I wasn't inclined to share any of this with you, but I suppose it isn't fair to leave all of you in the dark because of one person or small alliance's actions.

[She leaned much more heavily towards not wanting to tell the residents, but Delight would tell them, and Rage is the last person who wants to disappoint Delight at all.]

Consider this a gesture of goodwill.

[With that flat, clipped sentence, she cuts the feed.]
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[He's put off doing this notification as long as he can, hoping against hope that she'll turn up again, that her physical absence and alias's disappearance from the directory are mistakes, that there is another explanation waiting to be found. But it's been three long days, and no sign of her. She has friends, and they probably deserve to know, too.]

Sharon's gone.

[Yes, he's upset. No, he doesn't want to talk about it.]

I'm taking over maintenance of her emergency supply cache network, but I could use some help.

[Grieving? What grieving, there's work to be done.]


Oct. 3rd, 2017 10:32 am
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[at first, the picture is blurry and out of focus, but it slowly focuses in on what may be familiar surroundings to people who have been here a while, the sewing shop.

a fine layer of dust is on the surroundings, but then the picture swivels abruptly to focus on Margaery's face]

Look at all of this! [she gestures, meaning to encompas the entire sewing shop] There are enough supplies to sew entire dresses, except for the fabric. Does anyone know where I might aquire the fabric? Please let me know. I'd love to get started as soon as I can.
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(There is a pile of completed garments sitting behind her; signs of how hard she has been working. Of course that evidence is unnecessary when her bandaged fingers come into view.)

Lord Curufin... (Being too familiar still doesn't feel natural. At least in public, she must be formal.) I have finished the fire retardant suits. If any require alterations, I will need specific measurements.

(But they should do if there are any further fires. Seven above, she hopes not!)

If there are any still suffering from burns, the house I share with Lord Elrond is another option besides the clinic. He is an expert Healer and there is much he can do even in situations that seem hopeless.

(Private to Maedhros, Maglor & Fingon.)

I have been working on tunics for each of you, though I apologize for them being delayed. I thought the suits of more import.

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Good morning, Hadriel. How's your day? Hopefully better than this guy's!

Said guy appears on the little screen of your devices, drenched and with semi covered in... what is that? Foam? (yes, yes, before you ask, that spiky hairdo is totally flatten and looking rather normal...)

Why you see, someone decided to finally do laundry.

Someone who never, in his whole life, had touched a washing machine... and never an alien looking one. Well, he had to at least try, Yugi made it look so easy (or his mom!)! Plus, getting new clothes from the stores at any opportunity given, can only be a good idea for so long before the pile starts... well, you know, pilling up!

And that's why you see on the background (and if you happen to be around)... this humongous amount of foam coming out from one of those new houses. The big one, btw, because this small guy needs all that space, sure...

Why didn't this thing come with instructions... HE'S A PRO AT READING INSTRUCTIONS!

Good Ra, help him...

Hmm... I... 「 This is hard. 」 I seem to require some... assistance, here...

Thank you.

006 [Video]

Oct. 1st, 2017 01:54 pm
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[So, the event's officially over, everything's back to cave-normal, and Lance has had some time to sort out his thoughts on everything. He's also had time to debate with himself on whether he should address something bothering him or just ignore it.

Although he's decided, finally, on the former, it took quite a bit of mental debate; he probably wouldn't have said anything at all if he weren't a psychologist, and weren't concerned that other people might be seriously negatively affected if the issue weren't brought up. Regardless, he's still not exactly looking forward to this entire thing because he can't see it going over all too well, but then again when does anything go over well here?]

Now that the event is over there's something I wanted to address, regarding it and others in the future. I expect there will be disagreement, which is fine, but it would be nice if that disagreement could be discussed in some sort of reasonable manner.

[In other words, not with yelling or threats or murder. He has high hopes for you all!!!]

I'm not going to go into a lot of psychological details and reasoning unless anyone is actually interested, but to summarize: although the idea of simply resisting a compulsion is theoretically appealing, it's not exactly that simple in practice. It also has no correlation at all with being weak, feeble-minded, a failure, or any other negative descriptor I've seen used so freely lately.

[Which he's none too pleased about, even if it doesn't bother him much personally.]

Considering that so many here have so much to worry about and are under enough mental stress already, adding blame for something caused by an outside influence is not exactly helpful, especially in the long run. I'm also just generally unsure that being angry with each other over something caused by an event is the best use of everyone's time and energy.

[Especially when things done by people while completely in control of themselves tend to be overlooked entirely, but he's not even going to touch that topic right now.]

That said, if anyone who has been here for some time has any sort of advice or strategy for identifying and attempting to control an event-caused mental effect, that would be useful. I don't doubt that there might be some techniques that could help, depending on the individual and the specific nature of the event.
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Alright, fellow Caveians. I've got three questions that are in order of decreasing relevance to our current situation as cave-prisoners. In fact the last one isn't relevant at all, just sort of a distraction from the fact that some people still seem a bit sore about losing during that last event.

Hey, nothing wrong with a bear or flowers. 

[Whistler managed to get chocolates so he's not complaining] 

Anyway - First Question: 

How many of you, prior to arriving in this Cave, had a profession that involved being armed or fighting on a regular basis. Now I know a lot of you can be touchy when anyone asks you well...anything... so the level of specifics you give me doesn't matter too much. Even "yes" or "no" will do.  I'll take it as a sign not to ask any follow up questions. 

[He may be a bit done with how 'not fun' a lot of you are] 

Second Question:

How many of you come from a place that is NOT some variation of Earth? 

And my third question: 

If you were told you could have any ONE thing you wanted. No questions asked. No tricks. What would you ask for? 

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"Any of you asshats realize that those urges that get inflicted on you on practically a monthly basis can be resisted, right?"

[Just going to let that sink in for a second.]

"Stop fucking shooting each other. Those things aren't actually toys."

[Boy is she glad that she melted down her own gun the second it caught her attention. But that also just means she's going to be carrying around her own piece, and it doesn't shoot paintballs.]


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