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[The video comes on perhaps a few seconds too soon, showing Cal sitting in front of a window, a lit cigarette in his mouth. There's not really any way to tell what he's looking at outside, but after a few moments he takes the cigarette from his mouth and extinguishes it, exhaling more smoke.

Judging by the haze in the air, he's been there a while.

Once the cigarette is out, he turns to look directly into the camera. This is a very human way of communicating and he isn't sure that he likes it.]

Are we supposed to believe this place isn't actually hell? [Because so far the only good thing about it is Pell. Not that he's ever had a particularly safe life, but the ridiculousness he's seen in the short time he's been here is beyond acceptable.

He almost lights another cigarette, but thinks better of it, and sighs instead.]

All this for what, to stir up some emotions? [He laughs, but the sound is joyless.] Be careful what you wish for and all that nonsense.

So what happens when they get more of us than they can handle?
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[She scoffs.]

Of course this is not hell. Would not have ended up here if it actually was.

[Not that she would have ended up in any sort of heaven, either.]
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Can't say. Don't personally believe in either.

[Even if they do exist, Rey doesn't believe there is a place for something like herself.]

Have died many times, however. Never ended up anywhere like this between deaths.
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Yes, but not dead here. Just wherever they came from, like those that are still living.
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Means that, for some people, this is more like a second chance. Sure, things aren't always sunshine and rainbows in this city. But then, did not come from a place that was all sunshine and rainbows before, either.
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Exactly the point.
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So, still think that of this as "hell"?
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Wait. You mean you'd rather this be hell than a dream?

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Sounds like you have something here worth keeping.
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So, given the choice, would you rather be here?
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Figured. It's just an uncommon sentiment.

[One that Rey does, in fact, share.]
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Things can be plenty cheery. Sometimes in abundance when Delight decides to have a field day.
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So far, Delight has maintained a stunning track record of avoiding direct meddling with your feelings.

Save for the fireflies, maybe. Wasn't feeling much of anything at the time to have been affected by those, though.

[Hooray for the emotions off switch. Like that's a thing that exists.]
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Delight made fireflies, which made people feel happy.

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