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ninth; video (show your enemy what you look like from the inside)

(cw: blood, casual misogynistic slurs, brief vague mentions of suicidal ideation and verbal/emotional abuse. replies may also come from [personal profile] wreckoning.)

[Nick has an out-of-place canary-eating smile on her face as she starts her broadcast with the camera turned on herself. She brings a lit cigarette to her mouth, inhales a deep lungful of smoke, and slowly exhales as she begins speaking.]

All right, since I know we got a bunch of genius philosophical types here, I'm taking a vote.

[The camera view abruptly turns to display an unconscious woman slumped against the wall, arms and legs tied up with rope, a trickle of blood dripping down her forehead. She is a dead ringer (roll credits) for the woman talking just a moment ago on the video feed. Surprise, Hadriel, that was actually Nick's double, and Nick herself is the one knocked out and incapacitated here.]

If I kill this bitch, is that technically considered murder or suicide? I mean, personally, I'd call it a mercy killing, like you do with those racing horses that are too old to do shit anymore, or they've broke a leg or whatever. Knowing her - and I do - that's actually what she'd want.

[Nick's double moves in toward Nick, bringing the camera up to her face in a close-up as she delivers her villain monologue.]

Look at you ... so fuckin' pathetic. You make me sick to have the same fuckin' face as you.

[The camera tilts to show the doppelganger's scowling face again as she addresses her audience.]

You all know how much actual power she's got? And she doesn't wanna use it, because that would make her a fuckin' monster.

[Nick's double laughs cruelly and turns the camera back to Nick as she tips Nick's head up with the flat of a blade held in the same hand as her cigarette underneath her chin.]

Princess, I got news for ya - you've always been a monster. Remember how Ma used to say - [here she affects a screechy, slurred impersonation of Nick's drunk mother] - "Nichole, you're just not even worth the gunpowder it would take to blow you straight to Hell"?

[The doppelganger scoffs loudly.]

Everybody knows it, and they've always been able to see you for what you really are. Bein' a Nightbane just means you can't ignore it anymore - oh, I know you still fuckin' try to. You think you can avoid looking in the mirror and seeing what you really look like and pretend you're still a fuckin' human. But I know. And so does everyone else. You ain't foolin' anyone with your tough-girl bullshit. You could be running this place if you weren't so fucking weak and scared, but you're not, are ya?

[The blade pulls back from underneath Nick's chin and her head drops forward. A cloud of smoke pulls into Nick's face and she coughs weakly, stirring back to the edge of consciousness.]

If you were as much of a hardass as you'd like everyone to believe, you would've already killed me by now. You had the chance.

[Nick quietly groans, struggling against the stabbing pain of her head wound to open her eyes.]

Bitch ... if you just smoked my last cigarette, you're gonna find out just how capable I am of killing you.
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[personal profile] iustitiae 2017-01-21 06:55 pm (UTC)(link)
You should just get it over with.

[also posting a video of your murder is very sloppy, in connor's double's opinion but to each their own.]

Is it even doing you any good to keep her alive?
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Mm, yeah, that's the dilemma here - killing her's letting her off too easily. All the pain and suffering stops once you're dead, right?

[Faux-Nick grins crookedly, tapping the knife blade to her temple, a nonverbal See? I thought this out.]

Anyway, it's not like it would be permanent or anything. That dickbag Hope brings everyone back.
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I'm pretty sure no one enjoys dying and coming back.

[not that he would know - but his original sure will!!]

But, sure, torture her. See how many friends that brings you.
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[personal profile] wreckoning 2017-02-07 04:21 am (UTC)(link)
[Have the driest eyeroll in the history of - well, the last five minutes, at least.]

Pal, do I look like I give even half a fuck about making friends? Shit, that may be the one thing I actually have in common with this atypically-human waste of space here.
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[personal profile] iustitiae 2017-02-08 04:56 am (UTC)(link)
Aw, look at that. Bonding.