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video; we had a riel good time

[There's a skeleton on the network. He seems pretty unperturbed about his state of being, actually, and in fact looks rather cheerful, all things considered. He's got the camera lodged or propped up somewhere, because he's not carrying it. That would evidently require too much work. No, Sans has his bony hands shoved in his jacket pockets, addressing a point of space slightly to the left of his device.]

So that was pretty fun, huh? Not actually the weirdest thing that's ever happened me, believe it or not. I bet all that fog sure won't be...mist.

[He chuckles, and the lights in his eyesockets focus on the screen.]

Anyway. I've been around the block a few times, but I just figured I'd ask. Anyone seen another skeleton around? Tall, loud, likes saying "nyeh heh heh"? He's like me, but the opposite in every conceivable way.

Let me know.

[And the feed goes dark.]
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[Considering that Rey lives with a guy who looks like a partially robotic skeleton, seeing an actual one reveal himself on the network isn't so daunting anymore. Though admittedly she does do a double take at first, but she can't help that regardless of her experiences thus far.]


Was that supposed to be a joke? [Because he laughed. She saw him laugh.]
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[Slow blink.]

Don't get it. That was a joke?

[Then she pauses. Another blink.] Oh, is it because you're a skeleton? Ribs?

[Okay, MAYBE she gets it. Maybe.]
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Is that supposed to be another joke, or is that actually your name? Not that there's anything wrong or funny about being named "Sans" for whatever reason.
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Oh. Okay.


Um. Name is Rey, by the way. [Since we're doing the whole name thing and all.]
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Come on. You could've done better than that.

[Yup. Not the first time she's ever heard it.]
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That's... a marginal improvement.

[Better than her jokes, anyway.]
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Wouldn't necessarily call them uncreative. Just 'sans' a little ingenuity.

[Rey, no. No, Rey. No.]