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five ☠ video | open to both sides!

[There's something distinctly different about Fear when he turns the video on this time. He seems even less human than normal, not breathing, not blinking, as if he's forgotten how to manipulate his form so that it actually appears lifelike.

He manages to move his mouth as he speaks, but the motion doesn't quite sync up with the words echoed in through the mic.] I've finally failed.

[His eyes are unfocused, but he looks downward, contemplative.]

I only got half the city out. It won't be enough- we can't start over, not without Hope. So it ends here, I suppose.

[He takes in his first breath since beginning the recording, letting it out in a long sigh.]

I'm sorry.
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dont just say "IT ENDS HERE" all fucking ominous like some asshole when you could be DOING something


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the fact that youre talking like youve already given the fuck UP
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Re: text;

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if thats true then cut the crap, tell us what youre doing, and tell us how to help

not just mope over messing up

you ever think about the literal KIDS you could be scaring here
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[She doesn't want to admit any part of that makes sense, but she also can't close the post without one last reply.]

fuck off