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What a nice welcome after such a long time away. You creatures never disappoint with how angry you get.

[Rage is back, back again. Go ahead, tell a friend. She's giving a nonchalant smile that doesn't quite reach her eyes -- it's hard to be pleased about being well fed when you've just spent six months scouting in enemy territory.

In fact, her face goes to neutral as she picks up again.]

First things first: We don't know for certain how the Null were able to find us, but we did discover at least part of the problem: there's a mole in the cave.

[Her voice goes cold when she makes the statement, and it pretty much stays that way for the rest of this post. Also, no, she wasn't trying to make a pun or a clever reference to the city being underground.]

This is the only way for the Null to consistently be able to chase us through space. [And not just because Fear sucks.] Hope and Sorrow's investigation should turn up more information about that. Would that you'd all voted for me, but like my brethren, I'll defer to your decision.

Second, it would seem your strangely shaped bodies have inspired our pursuers. We found them experimenting with bipedal robotic bodies that move the way you do. By the way, that doesn't exactly help anyone's case here. Clearly, they're finding you useful to a large extent.

[She's suspicious as hell, in effect.]

Finally, the Null's objectives have changed. They've constructed prisons capable of containing us no matter the form we take, and not only that, but they'll be able to use us to power their operations. I know some of you will see this as justice, but before you jump to such a predictable conclusion, consider this: our interference aside, the power my siblings and I gain from you is used to keep you alive and comfortable. We're able to coexist. What the Null want is our absolute confinement for their selfish purposes. Think for a moment about what that means. You all seem to like Delight. How would you feel if someone locked her up in a small space to do whatever they want with her?

[She's angrier now, more emotion in her voice and face. The silence after that question is short, but it's long enough for her anger to cool again.]

The mission was too dangerous for us to obtain more information than that. Given we're actively being betrayed by someone here, I wasn't inclined to share any of this with you, but I suppose it isn't fair to leave all of you in the dark because of one person or small alliance's actions.

[She leaned much more heavily towards not wanting to tell the residents, but Delight would tell them, and Rage is the last person who wants to disappoint Delight at all.]

Consider this a gesture of goodwill.

[With that flat, clipped sentence, she cuts the feed.]
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[There's something distinctly different about Fear when he turns the video on this time. He seems even less human than normal, not breathing, not blinking, as if he's forgotten how to manipulate his form so that it actually appears lifelike.

He manages to move his mouth as he speaks, but the motion doesn't quite sync up with the words echoed in through the mic.] I've finally failed.

[His eyes are unfocused, but he looks downward, contemplative.]

I only got half the city out. It won't be enough- we can't start over, not without Hope. So it ends here, I suppose.

[He takes in his first breath since beginning the recording, letting it out in a long sigh.]

I'm sorry.
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[One day, Gren is going to learn a very valuable lesson: do not mix alcohol and drugs. That day is not today.]

[The video, when it turns on, swings wildly. Hopefully nobody gets seasick too easily, because damn, it's motion sickness central right here. The backdrop is... probably Delight's bar, if anyone can make sense of the video long enough.]

You know what? You know fuckin' what?

[Gren is drunk. Not only is Gren drunk, but he's also had like a handful of those other things that Delight hands out that get people high as shit, so he's both drunk and high. It's a terrible combination of belligerent and feeling untouchable that can really only lead to Bad Things.]

I'm fuck-all tired of bein' a fuckin' buffet for a bunch of shit-for-dick "gods"-- [The feed swings again, like he tried to do airquotes with only one hand. The hand that is also holding the camera.] --who can't get their fuckin' shit together long enough to not make everything a fuckin' clusterfuck. And then they treat us like we're fuckin' children or some shit, like we don't got the fuckin' right to decide what fuckin' happens to us. We're the fuckin' burdens, but they're the one bringin' in fuckin' monsters and dragons and shit to drop on our fuckin' heads. Fuckin' thanks for that, assholes.

[The feed swings around and then back; he's grabbed another bottle of something alcoholic and knocks an unhealthy portion of it back. Seriously, he's a champ, if your definition of 'champ' is 'fucking alcoholic'.]

Like that fuckin' piece of fuck Sorrow. Fuck that guy, oughtta smack the fuckin' bitch outta that motherfucker.

[He pauses. Something terrible is about to happen.]

I fuckin' oughtta smack the fuckin' bitch outta that guy.

[His voice shifts from rant mode to something firmer and slightly less profanity-ridden.]

Hey, all you fucks. [Slightly less.] I'm comin' for all you fuckin' godly piece of shits. C'mon and fuckin' have a go if you think you're fuckin' hard enough.

[He turns. Delight is behind the bar.] 'Cept for you. You're fuckin' okay.
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[The video opens to view Amos perched on top of a mostly-crumbled building. He’s grinning widely, but it’s the kind of guilty grin that suggests while he finds this funny, he knows other people won’t be happy. There are several jabberjays around him, pecking at crumbs he’s scattered around on the rooftop.]

Ya’ll, I am so, so sorry. I really wasn’t thinking.

[See Amos has this bad habit of trying to teach all animals he comes across tricks, as one does with treats and too much time on one’s hands. Little things, like teaching a parrot to wolf-whistle, a dog to shake paws, a squirrel to bow...all in return for food. He’s slightly more successful at it than your average trainer, simply because he can explain the desired nonsense behavior.]

[As for the jabberjays, only two actually like him, so he’s been playing with them and teaching them small things, different phrases in different languages, a Latin prayer or two, and the occasional children’s song.]

[This was probably not the song to teach them, in retrospect.]

[Amos points at the nearest bird, and it happily starts singing in a lovely woman’s voice:

This is the song that never ends…!
Yes it goes on and on my friends!
Some people started singing it not knowing what it was!
And they’ll continue singing it forever just because…!

[The rest of the birds take up the chorus, in the different voices of the inhabitants of Hadriel, and Amos doubles over with laughter. People are going to kill him for this but Lord help him it’s hilarious. This is what he gets for having watched that singalong puppet show with the farm animals as a child….]

NOTE: Most of the birds will only repeat this once or twice, but the two that hang around Amos will repeat it back if you sing or hum it or offer them breadcrumbs.
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Hey again!!!

Hope just told me that he'll be able to resurrect another god by the end of the month! I guess everyone's been sort of letting you guys pick who we get to bring back, right? That's so great for you guys! I'm glad we're doing it this way, I'd definitely hate to have to be the one to choose between my friends...

Anyway! Your three options this go-round are:

Confusion! Again... poor Confusion. She's pretty cool, actually- I don't know if you guys knew this, but she's the one who made the tunnels all around the city! I think Hope was going to try to get her to make a clinic, but since you guys seem to already have one of those up and running, I think it'd be more helpful to make what you guys have been calling a, um, GPS? She could make it so you guys could find one another, even if you're in the tunnels, and you'd be able to tell when someone is gone from this place. Super cool!

Love would be your next option! Last time Love was up, you guys got the choice of hot springs. I still think that's kind of important? Everybody loves (haha) hot springs! I could see about some nice soaps and things too if you want? Love and I aren't super tight, but there's usually a bit of overlap between love and delight so I'd super appreciate voting that way!

And last and newest is gonna be Sorrow! Sorrow is a good guy, he's the oldest of us and he takes care of us. He's really responsible... so I think he'd definitely like to bring something in that can help you guys out. Maybe a really big garden and orchard, across the river so there's more space. He'd have enough power to make sure it was big enough to feed a lot of people, so Hope wouldn't have to make so much food. Doesn't that sound nice?

Anyway, those are your options! Let me see if I can fiddle with the polling system here, um...

Poll #17502 Third god resurrection
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19 (32.8%)

15 (25.9%)

24 (41.4%)

There we go! Okay, go ahead and have at it. I'll close this poll in a week or so, okay?

Oh, also- I hope you guys had some good dreams!!!
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Some of you just can't seem to stop being upset over my methods. While I'm sure Rage is more than happy to let this continue, I'm here to propose a compromise.

I've noticed that many of you feel fear while asleep. After a time, I've discerned that this is due to hallucinations occurring while you are immobile, and I've decided to allow you all to experience more of these frightful hallucinations.

I think that sounds workable. You aren't put into any real physical danger, and I still get power. And, if you can see one another's hallucinations then you'll have more people who frightened of the same thing, which makes my job easier in the long run.

A handsome compromise, yes? Good?

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[On the screen is a woman, maybe in her mid twenties. When she sees that the feed is on, her face lights up into a wide smile. The shelf behind her has a few bottles on it, and the whole place seems to glow with a warm light.]

Oh. Hello! I'm Delight. Hope has seen it fit to bring me back, and I want to thank you all for your part in my resurrection.

I created this bar for you. The things you'll find in here are safer than the things you might discover wandering around, and I'll do my part in keeping it stocked. Come down if you'd like to chat- I look forward to meeting you all!
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First off, you're welcome for cleaning up the rest of the little 'Wendigo' problem. Hope had his hands full bringing you back and trying to save up his power to restore another of us to life, so I lent him a hand, because unlike Fear I'm a helper.

[She leans back a bit, anyone who has been in Rage's temple can see that's where she currently is, sitting on her own altar. She won't be there for anyone who comes to check once this goes live, but it is a change from the nondescript stone wall.]

On that note, now that you're all restored enough, Hope wants to try his hand at restoring one of us again and feels like he should let you choose once more. Don't ask me why, I think it's stupid but I'm assuming he has his reasons. I'm also not going to answer any questions about the exact nature of restoring us, that's his job, not mine, you can bother Hope about it. What I can tell you are your options.

Confusion would still probably be easy enough to bring back - with her help Hope could make another clinic and stock it too, I see the one you all made for yourself got a bit of a beating recently. She's very unpredictable though, so don't come crying to me if you regret bringing her back.

Delight's also still available. She's not strong, she'll be difficult to bring back, but last I checked she liked helping out Hope so maybe you could do him a solid. I imagine she'll make a bar, that's her style.

Love's also on the table this time. If I know Love - and I like to think that I do know Love - you'll probably get something like a hot springs. Not particularly useful, but a pleasant distraction might make you all less prone to whining about every little thing.

So, make your choice. Confusion, Delight, or Love. Whoever gets the most approval I'll be helping Hope bring back, adding some of my power to his. It's just because I have quite a bit to spare, not because it's an apology for the whole meat problem, because I didn't do anything wrong.

You have a week, I can't be bothered to wait for you to decide longer than that.

Poll #17344 Second God Resurrection
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10 (26.3%)

14 (36.8%)

14 (36.8%)

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This is idiotic. At this rate half of you will die, and it'll be up to me to fix it again. Here.

[Attached to the message is a file containing the coordinates of each coffin. There are only coordinates, no names attached.]

Before you start yelling, no, I don't know who is who. Don't waste your time arguing with me, I won't respond - I've used up enough power on this and Rage's resurrection already. I need to rest. Go save your friends.
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[The woman who appears on-screen does not look particularly angry, or even that getting angry is something she makes a habit of beyond possibly rolling her eyes when a barista writes her name wrong on a Starbucks cup. She's standing against a nondescript stone wall much like Hope was in his first broadcast.

After a moment, a mildly curious expression resolves itself into a perfectly pleasant smile that appears to be entirely sincere in nature.]

While I can't say I enjoyed having to be brought back at all, that was a wonderful welcome you creatures gave me and I wanted to thank you for it. It's like you couldn't even control how much rage you were expelling.

I see many of you have had a look at my armory, I hope you enjoy it. Keep up the good work and I'll keep you as well stocked as you keep me.


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