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four ✤ text

This is idiotic. At this rate half of you will die, and it'll be up to me to fix it again. Here.

[Attached to the message is a file containing the coordinates of each coffin. There are only coordinates, no names attached.]

Before you start yelling, no, I don't know who is who. Don't waste your time arguing with me, I won't respond - I've used up enough power on this and Rage's resurrection already. I need to rest. Go save your friends.
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[Rage does not bother to make her own announcement. What she does do is reply with a picture of the armory, which is now stocked to the brim with enough shovels for everyone in the city.]


[Yep, that's it. You're welcome.]
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[Some may consider it a waste of time to respond to a freaking smiley, but you know what, Z doesn't care. Positive reinforcement works, right? Right. And anyway, this is just who she is. Even when she's angry as hell about people being buried alive, she's got the presence of mind to be grateful.]

Thank you.
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You're welcome. :)

[Gratefulness will get you a long way, Z! So will all that anger.]
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[Okay, so people are probably more likely to be checking this post than any other--especially as more become aware of what's going on--so Chris figures it's the easiest place to try making plans for coordinating.]

Hope said half, so maybe it's a good idea to figure out who is in which half. Everyone who can check in, maybe do it here?

[Not that it ultimately matters too much, but it'll save time for people trying to figure out where their friends are or who are trying to coordinate digging.]

Also, it's best to stick to text if you can.

[He thinks leaving the 'you'll use less oxygen' implied rather than stated might cause less freaking out.]
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I'm above ground, and I'm going to start digging right now.

[Seriously, you're not gonna stop her.]
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Okay, awesome. Are you just going to go down the list of coordinates?

[Systematically is probably the way to go, and would take minimal coordinating to make sure two people don't waste time going to the same spot unless they're intending to work together. Which might actually be a good idea.]
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Pretty much. I'm gonna start from the bottom, though.

[Because probably, someone's already decided to start from the top, and she doesn't want people whose coordinates are at the bottom of the list to have to wait too long to get rescued.]
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My Zergling is on its way to loosen the soil, the digging should go faster.
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Thank you. Between that and the two replicas I'm working with, this should go pretty fast.

[Which is exactly how Z wants this to go, for the sake of those buried.]
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Yeah, good idea. Mind marking off what coordinates you've checked out after you're done?

[Probably best if people keep a list of what's still left to do, and here seems like a good place.]
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Will do. I'll list the name of anyone I find, too. That way we can know who's still missing.
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Great. I'm Chris, by the way; we haven't met yet.

[And what a terrible introduction this all is, but hey.]
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I'm Z. If you need me for anything, let me know.

[Both now and at any other time, but she'll specify the 'any other time' bit later. When this is all over. When everyone has been dug up.]
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Thanks, same to you.

[When he's actually able to do anything, anyway, which is not at the moment.]
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Kerrigan checking in, I'm above ground.

I'll be sending my Zergling to loosen the soil over these spots and verify they are correct, unfortunately, it can't use its burrowing ability to dig people up.
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Thanks; that sounds pretty useful.

[Loose dirt will definitely go faster for the diggers than packed would.]
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I'm Noah, me and my friend Ronan are above ground, but our friend Adam was buried.
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Okay, got it.

Are you two going to be searching then?
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Yeah. I guess we'll just be digging until we drop or everyone's back up.
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You should probably try and not do the dropping part.

[Though the sentiment of wanting to save everyone's nice.]
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I don't think anyone can stop Ronan from doing anything he's determined to do.
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Yeah, I know some people like that.

Just remember it won't help the friend you're looking for if you guys get too tired to keep digging though.

[So make sure to rest.]
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[People are buried alive? What the hell.]

is this supposed to be normal?
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You're basically worthless, did anyone ever tell you that?

[ she looks a little mad. ok. she looks really mad. ]
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[ she hates that she has to ask this, but: ] How long do we have before we run out of air?
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Awhile. I'll refresh your air supply so you can last longer in there.
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[Just gonna interrupt here...]

What does 'awhile' mean?
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[Well... he'd be exasperated, but he supposes that this is actually important information for them or something. Gosh, needy kids.]

Hm... how about thirty-six hours? That sounds reasonable.
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[On one hand, that's a lot better than whatever they would've had normally, on the other...]

That's only like a day and a half.

[Come on Fear you can do better than that. Please do better than that.]
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[Hm... well...]

Alright then, double it. Seventy-two.

As long as you promise to be suitably afraid during that time.

[Congrats, Chris, you just negotiated for more time for everyone.]
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[He... Totally just realized that that's what is going on and oh god why him.

But okay, think. Obviously the more time the better, but after three days they'd be pretty screwed if not dead already from dehydration anyway and Chris definitely knows when to quit when he's ahead. The last thing he'd want to do is accidentally piss Fear off and have them get less time, so...]

I don't think you're gonna have a problem with people not being afraid.

[He's definitely a little more shaken now than before, though it's more from this conversation than anything else.]
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Holy shit

[ aka "good job chris!" but with more threat of impending death. ]
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I gathered. There's much more fear now than there has been in any of my past attempts.

Thank you for that.

Is there anything else?
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No that's good, thanks

[He wants out of this conversation before he messes something up.]
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Thank you, Hope! I hope you have a good rest.

Um, pun not intended, sorry.

I will, however, be very strongly hoping to get rescued, so maybe that'll help you out a little!