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✫ 002 [text] thank you, i'll say goodbye soon

[And as with all events, everything ends. Alphys wakes back up in the house underground, and everything from the last 10 days is revealed to be a fake. She sighs as she pulls herself out of bed, ready to get back to some sense of normalcy.

It takes her a few hours to figure out anything’s wrong, because it’s not abnormal for Sans to sleep too long, or not come out of his room-- well, Papryus’, but it’s for the both of them now-- until late or necessary. She makes something to eat, settles in to read and relax, and thinks nothing of it until she tries to text him later and nothing comes up.

Alphys scans the contact list once, twice, and climbs off the shared couch, soul feeling tight in her chest as she approaches his room. She knocks, waiting a minute for his answer, because he must just be asleep, before knocking again, putting too much of her weight on the handle when the door finally swings to nothingness.

She spends the next hour tearing through the apartment, piece by piece, unwilling to believe this is happening, knowing what she knows about where he’s going... or, well, a lack thereof. It feels wrong for her to be in here, pawing through everything in a desperate hope, but she knows what this means. That one day someone can be here and the next simply be gone.

The house is doubly quiet, she finds in horror, the more she searches, the more she looks. Four gone. Four of her closest friends. Four that just never came back from that lovely town of nowhere.]

[She can’t bear to put herself on video for this, not when she’s crying, not when she can barely speak. So she types instead, hands shaking heavily, having found a batch of letters and items she feels important to be delivered.]

hhey so
for anyone who knknew sans
hes nnot here anymore
he went
he went away
napstablook too
if people are looking forthem

sans uhm
... he left a bunch of gifts for people with
they look like ggoodbye letters
i can check if you think he mightve left onef or--
theres too ma ny to list
im sorry

[She thinks about ending it there, and then adds one last addendum.]

i know theres a lot of people here who didnt like him and. im sure there was reasons for you tto not to get along
but please dont i
i dont want to know
not rightnnow

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[While yes, Rey had her issues with Sans, to call it "hate" would be a bit of a dramatic overstatement. It sure as hell isn't enough to make her inclined to goad Alphys over this. Not when she is so clearly more broken up than Rey had been.

[Fucking assholes.]

need anything?
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you're welcome to stop by anytime you want.
or have company wherever you are.

a note? seriously?
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[Rey doesn't mean to type that, but it comes out anyway. She doesn't know what to make of it. Part of her doesn't want anything to do with the note, but it's probably better than leaving it with Alphys.]

will pick it up. sure.

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"last rights?"

you're talking like he knew this was going to happen.
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guess if he thought ahead, that could be possible.
like a will or something.

[Might not be such a bad idea, now that Rey thinks about it.]

well it probably doesn't matter.

anyway, will swing by and take it off your hands in about an hour or so.

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that's fine.