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005✖; (video/action)

[Early morning, the rare sight of Rey's actual scarred face greets the network. The angle is skewed, like she's set the phone in a way to display a scene behind her. Her head tilted, face and neck still smudged with dried up dirt and blood, an unusual smile graces her expression, devoid of mirth.]

"Guess there's no point in pretenses, is there? We all get what's going on by now."

[As she says this, she steps back, revealing the scene behind her: The Guard Headquarters. Packs of explosives are attached to the exterior within the video's range of vision, enough to blow a decent hole in one half of the structure.

[She fiddles with her hands for a moment, before a burst of flame erupts from her fingertips in her left one.]
"Salamanders aren't exactly the most graceful creatures. They're slimy, funny-looking...

"A very appropriate epithet for us, wouldn't you think?"

[Her smile widens. Her usual monotone superseded by an amused hint in her voice:] "You want to know why this bitch would rather you all suffer in this place forever than to return back to the pisspits where we all came before that Door ripped us here?" [She crouches down, bringing attention to a stream of liquid leading to the HQ.] "It's because, where we're from, the 'Salamander' is among the most abhorred, feared, and destructive monster the world has ever known. We have killed so many people, we have completely lost count.

"This place proves to be a rather convenient do-over. Somewhere you're no longer associated with the numbers of widows and orphans you've made and how you've cut whole bloodlines to extinction. What a cowardly thing to do. So unfair."

[She brings her fiery hand to the ground. Her fingers barely touch the liquid line before it erupts into flame. And then trails all the way to the Headquarters.

[The explosions are deafening. After a few seconds, it's clear that not only are there explosive materials placed on the outside, but inside as well, maximizing the damage.

[Once things quiet, and all that's left are the crackling of flames behind her, and the crumbling of structure, all that's left is a scar-faced woman with a wicked smile:]

"Salamanders are truly disgusting creatures. Don't you think?"

[Might want to put out that fire before Hadriel is left without a Guard building.]
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[ Tina, (unlike some of the other people here,) was actually enjoying having her double here! Sure, she'd stole a lot of things from her, told her a few home truths about things back home and upset Tina a little... actually, yea, why the hell was she enjoying her company again?! Oh, right, yes, the explosions~ that's why!

She's been sitting, eating the last of the cookies Chris had given her, sharing them with her double, watching the network for anything exciting and boy did Rey deliver! The girls almost jumped out of their seats! Talking in sync with each other, like some creepy shit that twins would pull. ]

Shit gurl, dat was totes amazeballs~! How'd yoo do that!? Are'ya gonna do it again?! PleaseyPleasyPleeaase blow somefin else up!

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[ After a little thought and confirming with her double, Tina smirked and swayed slightly as she answered. ]

Whatta'bout one of those God temples? Betcha no one's dared to them gurl!

[ As she spoke, she held a hand over her doubles mouth. The other Tina was going to suggest blowing Tina's workshop up. After all, it was packing a whole load of explosives! Would have been a pretty awesome sight to see. Tina, on the other hand, thought that was a stupid idea, as it would irritate her greatly. ]
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[ The explosion once might have brought some sick grin to Sharon's face but all she can do is scowl down at the video before her, a fluttering fury in her chest. ]

Rey's selfish, who would have guessed it? It's not like everyone else is any better, wanting to go home or stay for their own selfish reasons just like her.

You've accomplished nothing that's unfixable. I hope it was time well spent. [ which is to say that you're gonna go away soon, hopefully (get to it, Hope), and will have done nothing of substance, nothing that won't heal. ]
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[ Sharon would never use the word 'evil' in reference to Rey. The other woman was selfish but she wasn't evil. ]

I wouldn't say it's what you're best at. [ It's obviously meant as another slight. ]
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I'd say it's something you should work on but I doubt you've got the time. [ unless the gods decide to keep the doubles but, given that it's likely taking up quite a bit of resources to keep them going, Sharon has her doubts. ]
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Yeah, go ahead. Tranquility's back and I bet he'll just put everything back together when you're finally gone. [ She sounds unimpressed but the explosions and shit? Yeah, they're not cool and she's not a fan. People might get caught in this shit, and what then? Fuck. Fuckity fuck. ]
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I hope you get caught in one of your explosions. [ Oh god, Sharon says that so fucking cheerfully. Bitingly cheerful. ]
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[ Sharon huffs in annoyance before she ends the feed between them. This fucking place, man. ]
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[ Curufin barely has time to grab his phone and register what he is seeing, before the explosion happens. He is not far from the bridge and he races across, and then up the slope and across the dark and now fire-lit fields to where Guard HQ is burning. He can't tell whether the guard standing near it with her wicked smile is really Rey or not, but he faces her as though she were.]


[ But he doesn't wait for an explanation, instead he starts to brush past her impatiently, to see if he can get to the front door, or around to a side door, a window, anything. What if there was anybody inside? If there was, he has to get them out. ]
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[ Possibly the reason he is disinclined to waste time in blaming is that just five weeks ago, he himself was concocting explosives in his forge shack and blowing up the Colosseum, possessed by a transcendent rage. And that wasn't the first time in his life that he had acted in such a state. He can't be the only one in the universe who does such things. And if this is Rey's double, then remonstrating will be no use. Of course he's a little arrogant about his combat skills -- he assumes that even if she's in a fighting mood, he can't be defeated. ]

[ He finds the door that is furthest away from the blaze and gives it a shove. Locked. Damn! He takes a step back and delivers a murderous kick to the door, smashing some of its strong wooden boards and ripping it off its iron hinges. He plunges in, skids across the floor and looks around. He's in the practice area, which is empty of human beings, and it is beginning to fill with smoke. Ahead, through the haze, is the office. Or was the office. The ceiling has come down on it, and it is filled with rubble. Flames are eating at the walls and casting a lurid orange light on the broken furniture and the ceiling beams that have come down. ]

Is there anybody in here? Shout if you can hear me!!

[ Something crunches under his boot. The glass of the coffee pot, scattered across the floor along with papers, folders, ledgers. If anybody was having a coffee break, time's up! But he isn't heeding whether Rey is following behind him or not, so intent as he is on finding any survivors. ]
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[ The heat radiates outwards from the fire and down from the ceiling, from which smoke rolls. Curufin coughs and then snatches a bandana out of his tunic pocket and ties it swiftly around his mouth and nose. It helps a little.

Another beam comes down with a crash, bringing with it a good chunk of the ceiling. Curufin leaps back, leaving the office space to fry under the rubble. Too late for anybody who was in there.

And as he turns, he sees Rey behind him. . . or whoever this is. The last time he witnessed the destruction created by a being with an affinity for fire, it was a Balrog, a creature made of earthly flesh but capable of exploding into flames at any moment. A very deadly enemy. And this? -- Curufin watches the fires and the sparks of this conflagration reach toward her, consuming and blackening her figure without destroying her, becoming as one with her. ]

What are you?

[ But he doesn't wait for her to answer, and he is not even sure that sure she can. He draws his sword. ]
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[ Curufin is ready to fight, and he smiles at the mocking, glowing figure, accepting her challenge.] Come, then!

[ But as she advances on him, suddenly the heat-stressed roof beam gives way and falls, dragging with it the joists and a considerable load of other debris. It comes crashing down on Curufin, and perhaps on Rey's double as well. He has no way of knowing whether he is alone in this desperate fix. Just as the the choking load of debris buries him, he turns his face to the floor and into the crook of his elbow to create an airspace. It is little enough help, as the air is full of smoke. He claws at the debris on top of him, and then realizes that it includes a section of the beam. It pins him to the floor. ]
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[ The chances of help arriving are probably nil, and he will die here, either of smoke inhalation or eventually of the heat from the nearby flames, if he doesn't help himself. He grasps the heavy square beam in his two hands and heaves it off his legs. And then he claws his way out of the pile of rubble. It takes him more than a few minutes, and when he rises and staggers out onto empty floor, wiping the dirt and plaster dust from his eyes. . . that empty floor is truly empty. Rey's doppelganger is gone. ]

[ Cough, cough. ] All right. . .

[ Curufin gets out of the building the same way he came in. And then he goes off to try to find enough passersby to organize a bucket brigade. But HQ is just far enough from the river to make this not particularly practical, and there are not enough spare people to make up for this. By the time anything gets organized, the fire is already burning itself out. ]