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three ❀ video

[It looks like Adam has taken one of the mopeds to pieces. There are engine bits carefully arranged around him, his hands still have traces of grease on them, and there are tools nearby. He generally doesn't use the network much, but - this seemed relevant.]

I guess these are the vehicles we were promised. They seem all right - probably won't go more than 25, but it's not like there's a real need for speed here. They run pretty well, though they're electric, so they'll need charging. And they're not too complicated, so if something breaks it should be easy to fix - I'd be fine showing anyone who wants to learn.

[He pauses for a moment, shrugs.]

Or doing it for you, I guess. But there's some... weird stuff.

[Adam picks up the carburetor, unscrews part of the covering, and pulls it off. Rather than what would be expected to be inside - normal moped parts, necessary to running it - out pops a spring-loaded, fake-looking snake, like something you'd hide in a can for a shitty prank.

Expecting this, Adam does not seem surprised, only vaguely tired and maybe a tiny bit amused.]

All the ones I looked at have something like this. They run fine, though.

[And, totally deadpan, as a service to those who might be unfamiliar with this kind of thing:]

They really shouldn't.
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Figures. Would offer a hand with anything on the mechanical side, but it doesn't look like those models aren't based on any sort of engineering.
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Doubt there are any explanations for how most things work around here. Logically, neither this place nor the gods should even exists.
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Understood. Irrational that things might seem here, at least some rules still apply. Would hate to be stuck in a Carroll-esque reality where no shit makes any damn sense.
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Doesn't help that it seems like this place goes out of its way to make things not manageable, what with how it just plain changes the rules.
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You did? [Huh.] Came here just a few months after the Door started bringing people here. Doesn't take long to figure out there is a certain pattern to things.


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Mm, true. Too bad we can't do anything to turn it back on the assholes who more often cause that shit.