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Hellllooooo Hadriel!

[ So. Someone's cheery. One wouldn't think so what with the cave being restored to its 'former glory.' ]

Sure is a bummer that Tranquility's good times ended, huh? [ Understatement of the year. ] Fret not, however, for I have taken it upon myself to plan for Love's inevitable - and fashionably late - arrival!

[ Do you have a bad feeling yet? You should. ]

How, you ask? Well! Easy. I've started charting out the ships down here in the cave. What's a 'ship,' you ask? A ship is short for 'relationship'! This can be any kind, really, but the actual fun is in ones of the romantic sort. [ An oh so innocent bat of her eyelashes. ]

There's a couple obvious ones, there's those who have loved and lost, there's the hopeful buddings of new relationships, and of course we're always wondering who are deities are into.

[ No? Just her? Alright then. ]

You can find the list I've started attached and, please, add to it as you see fit! I'll make the changes accordingly. I'll even try to keep it up to date, so! If any changes happen after the fact - break-ups, make-ups, or unfortunate farewells - feel free to hit me up personally and let me know. This way, Love can be up to speed upon arrival.

Ships Sailing
Newt & Hermann (Science Boyfriends)
Matt & Emily (Sugar and Salt)
Rey & Bianaca (Dumpster Fire)
Dean & Cas (Touched By An Angel)
Sans & Sleep (Dreams Do Come True)
Sunken Ships
Kate & Sam (Wildkat Taming)
Gren & Rhys (Bachelor Bros)
Wishful Ships
Rosie & Faith (Icy Hot)
Gren & Wade Wilson (Explosive Chemistry)
Sans & Wade Wilson (Skeleton in the Closet)
Alphys & Ahsoka (Out of This World)
Even Gods Need Love
Hope & Sorrow (Misery Loves Company)
Rage & Delight (You Can't Spell 'Slaughter' Without Laughter)
Hope & Fear (Frightful Faith)
Confusion & Tranquility (Soothing Daze)

Oh, right, of course. I should also mention that I've enabled the anonymous feature for responses, so! If you're shy or don't wanna compromise friendships by outing the couples you do know, don't worry. Or if you just wanna stir up some gossip and speculation, don't worry! Your secret's safe with me.

[ WINK. All's fair in love and war, yaddah yaddah. ]

(( ooc; So! HAVE AT IT, MURDERCAVE. FEEL THE LOVE. I'll be updating the post as I get suggestions and eventually porting it to Rose's personal journal for future reference. C'mon, ya'll, let's make Love feel welcome for when they arrive. ))
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I'm going to assume it's out of some kind of misguided delicacy that you've apparently left me out.
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Hmph. She's not exactly easy to miss.
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[Bianca smirks.]

I like the guessing game. Who could rip off all your heads and set your corpses on fire if she wanted?
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She is sweet. I didn't say she wanted to tear heads off, did I?

[Is Rosie looking a little crestfallen there, or is that just Bianca's avid imagination?

Whatever. She'll take it.]
circumitus: its people like u that make people like me go to rehab. he has a lazy eye for christ sakes. (your girlfriend is a south jersey whore)

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Why are you doing this?

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Yes. [Shut up.]

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Because if you wanted to be hidden away like a dirty secret, my darling,you picked the wrong girl.
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Don't be ridiculous. This isn't some "dirty secret".

[Rey just doesn't know how how to be conspicuous.]
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Exactly. You're glorious and I want everyone to know it.

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... Sharon?

[ Damn it all, Bianca, see what you did! Now he's getting into this stupid game! ]
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Goodness, no!

Sharon is lovely, but she's far too young.
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[ Damn, not even close? ]

Ah, I see...

[ Excuse him he's not even sure what else to say, this is ridiculous... why is he here? He should be napping or... doing anything else but this! ]
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Bianca is more likely to kill my type than be my type. [ Oh. Well. That was a little leading, wasn't it? And it was entirely accidental even. Move on. Quickly. ] And I wouldn't tear the heads off of people, that's not really my style.
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[ Be thankful he's so incredibly confused by all this to connect the dots right away-- ]

Ah, my apologies... ?

[ Why is he even apologizing!? ]

Why would she? What's your type?

[ Wait, what? ]

... N-no, never mind. I don't wanna know.
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My type is tall, dark, and handsome. I'm talking classic. [ this will throw everyone off the trail. which is sort of the equivalent of throwing a smoke bomb that doesn't go off as you run away. ]
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video OOPS same for the last one!

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[ If Sharon squints, she might see the steam coming from the top of his head as his brain seems to be overloading—figuratively! What the hell is classic? ]

You're mocking me, right?
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and she sticks to audio

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[ Her smirk is very audible. ]

Not at all.

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You'd kill just about anyone, wouldn't you? [ Is she trying to play this off? Yes, yes, she is. ] Or is it the heads thing? Don't get me wrong, I'd tear heads off if I could, but I tend to let monsters do my work for me.
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I most certainly would not. I like it to be special.

I was thinking of Rey's hands. The heads, I mean. She has such beautiful hands. So powerful.


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