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Third ☂ Text

Many of you seem to be unhappy.

We don't all necessarily want you to be happy, but acceptance and adaptation to your situation would be a start. The only question that remains is: how?

It is clear to us that your species resolves many issues through communication. Unfortunately, none of us understand the human psyche as clearly as others of your species, and so I leave it to you to communicate with and to help one another.

You may consider this post an open forum in which you can discuss what's been bothering you. In turn, I will conceal your identities, so that you may help one another without preconceived biases. If you'd like to reveal yourselves to one another, the option is there, but unnecessary.

Heal. Recover.

I'll leave you to it.

[[This is an event post for the Never Log In event! Remember, characters are compelled to get things off of their chest here, as well as to help others- and of course, please stay oocly logged in for your comments!]]
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not all of us condemn every one of them. it's pretty clear that some of the mean well and it just
doesn't work out.

either way not every one of us are pissed off about being here.
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I freely admit that I have not been here long enough to become acquainted with all of them. If they are anything like the gods of my star, then they are likely varied in temperament; I fear I allowed the opinions of a few to color those of the rest.

That is heartening to hear. I have found much happiness in this place, regardless. To know that others are not having a bad time of it lifts my spirits some.
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[personal profile] circumitus 2017-02-27 04:56 am (UTC)(link)
didn't come from a place with gods. none that physically existed anyway. the idea of it here took a lot more getting used to.

it isn't all sunshine and rainbows, seeing as neither of those things are possible in this place. have been here for over a year now and can safely say that it has its ups and downs. but then again, it isn't like there are many upsides to going back home anytime soon, so guess some of us would just rather delay that objective as much as we can.
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Over a year? I've not spoken to anyone who has been here for over a handful of moons, let alone a year.

I've no future where I come from, though my purpose has been fulfilled. Selfishly... I, too, would count myself within that number of people who would drag on their time here. Though, if I am honest, I suppose I would rather say that I would rather delay the departure of a certain few from this place, though I know that there is much more left for them to do in our world.
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there are a handful of us. even a few who were around since the start of this whole door mess.
came a couple months after people started ending up here.

did you die?