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Third ☂ Text

Many of you seem to be unhappy.

We don't all necessarily want you to be happy, but acceptance and adaptation to your situation would be a start. The only question that remains is: how?

It is clear to us that your species resolves many issues through communication. Unfortunately, none of us understand the human psyche as clearly as others of your species, and so I leave it to you to communicate with and to help one another.

You may consider this post an open forum in which you can discuss what's been bothering you. In turn, I will conceal your identities, so that you may help one another without preconceived biases. If you'd like to reveal yourselves to one another, the option is there, but unnecessary.

Heal. Recover.

I'll leave you to it.

[[This is an event post for the Never Log In event! Remember, characters are compelled to get things off of their chest here, as well as to help others- and of course, please stay oocly logged in for your comments!]]
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He is an adequate student, and perhaps the only undead I am willing to tolerate.
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[Undead is a term that unsettles her considering the infected back home, but she shrugs it off.]

hahaha sans as a student! thats hilarious. what're you teaching him
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[Which probably means a lot to people from other worlds, Carlisle.]
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[... And he realizes that a second later, adding:]

It's a form of magic from my world.
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woah! so sans can do magic!