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[The video shows Maketh and Henry sitting next to each other. Maketh’s uniform has been ironed half to death, all of the angles sharp enough to cut, and she quite possibly has never looked so professional in her life.]

Hello, Hadriel. Many of you have been patrolling and protecting the city on your own. It’s time to make that official. We have taken one of the unoccupied buildings to serve as a headquarters and would invite anyone and everyone who wishes to help to come and sign up. We are going to start patrolling on a schedule, with regular reports and check-ins. It appears that we’re going to be stuck here for a while, so we ought to do this right.

We are also looking for anyone willing to teach self-defense to the civilians. Speak to myself or Henry Percy if you are interested.

[Henry wears full plate armour, of late fourteenth century craftsmanship. There is assurance in his posture throughout Maketh's address. He speaks only after she has said all that needs to be said.]

The strength of any community is bestowed in part by its unity. To that end, we aim to make a worthy contribution. Soon those who seek assistance may easily avail themselves of ours.

[Attached to the message is a map, with the location guard headquarters marked.]
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We've already discussed this, but am still interested. Will just stop by the headquarters to sign up officially.