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[Getting no word from Henry or Maketh as demons are spawning in the city, Nick steps in.]

Guard, report in. Long story short in case you missed the memo: there are demons in the city.

[There's the sound of shuffling paper. He's been taking notes from what's come up on the network about these things.]

Inquisitor Trevelyan is closing the tears they're coming through, but until she gets to them all, it's our job to keep folks safe. Stick to your patrols, send word if you need backup, and if it comes right down to it, do what you need to do.

[He signs off with that. Time to keep trying to get a hold of the actual leaders of the Guard. Them being missing is not a good sign.]
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[Psychological trauma can go have a goddamned seat when there's shit to be done.]

Reporting. On patrol.

[For the time being, she is opting to keep her role with the Guard on the down-low. Because of reasons.]
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Yes. No worries.

[A rather silly thing to say, considering that there are plenty of things to be worried about here.]
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[She knows that disapproving tone so well by now.]

Will do. [Pause.] Same for you.