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sixth; voice (knock on the door and the door knocks back)

It's gotten worse out there. Bar's closed until further fucking notice.

[Yeah, someone's a little on edge. But hey, it's just another day in the murdercave, right? There's a loud crash in the background, something that sounds like shattering glass, and Nick mutters something under her breath that is probably better left unheard for the rest of those listening to her broadcast.]

And just in case you were all snoozing through the last bunch of messages about this shit, these are zombies. We may only have these fuckers in movies and TV and shit where I'm from, but everyone knows you don't fuck around with them, all right? You get bit, you're done, end of story. So don't try to be a hero. Get to high ground and if you're stuck where you have to fight one, aim for the head.

[She's read The Zombie Survival Guide, OK.]

And Fear? Everyone knows this is your bullshit. You're still a huge fucking creep.
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[Chris hadn't really been ignoring Nick the last few weeks, at least not pointedly; he'd tried, once or twice, to be politely distant with her when they ended up at the bar at the same time, but hadn't been particularly interested in any more conversation than that unless she initiated it.

But this is different. This is something serious, and as--angry? upset?--with her as he is, it's not something he can't put aside in a situation like this; he learned the hard way not to let anger and frustration and hurt feelings be more important than someone's life.

So although this post isn't exactly frantic or anything--in fact she seems pretty calm, except for being pissed off--the sound of the breaking glass in the background worries him enough to respond.]

Are you um, holding them off okay?
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[Chris' issue with what happened with Nick is complicated and multi-layered, and he's just honestly not able to deal with working out any of it at the moment. So it's nice, in a weird way, to have a reason to break the silence that is still completely separate from and doesn't imply the underlying problem is resolved. It's just shelved, for now.]

Okay, that's um, a good plan. I guess they're like, basic shitty horror-movie zombies, at least so far; slow and not super bright and yeah, hitting them in the head seems to work great.
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Yeah. I'm starting to think Fear got ahold of some and just binge-watched.

[That'd explain a lot.]
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[He's just going to assume that was directed at a zombie.]

I should um, let you concentrate, so just... Be careful, okay?
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I'm trying to make sure you're not getting eaten by a zombie or something.

[His own tone is even, perhaps almost too purposefully matter of fact, but he's not at all interested in any sort of argument. This isn't the time.]
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You know, that's true and all but dying still sucks.

[He realizes, suddenly, that he hadn't ever actually told her that he died here; it's not something he specifically hid from her, it just didn't come up and it's not something he's told very many people in general, really.]
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At this point if your options are get eaten by zombies or try not to get eaten by zombies, then yeah, the latter's still gonna be worth it.
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Fine, okay, good. Then I'll just... Leave you to that, then.

[And he'll also just end the call before she can respond.]
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[ Crow is staying high and dry until this all dies off. But with how intense having two legs seems to be right now, he feels like being helpful. ]

If you need any backup, I'm your bird.

Not that I'm... doubting your abilities or anything. Just putting myself out there. You know, for aerial assistance.
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: Voice

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[ Exactly. ]

Crow, at your service!
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Heh. Parrots don't have any style! I, on the other wing, have quite a bit of class.

[ Can you hear the ego yet? ]

For the record, I've never actually seen a movie. Only heard about them a little bit.
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No. At least I don't think so? Not in Arcadia at least. Probably in Stark though.

But if it's anything like puppet theater, I'd love it. I love puppet theater.
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I'm guessing holin' up somewhere long-term might not work out.

[Sans's tone is utterly controlled, as if he hasn't been blipping all over the city in an effort to keep these things off his coccyx for the past several hours.

Needless to say, he's real bone tired.]
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Technically not, but I got a few...

[Uhhhhhhhhh well he's not sure whether he can exactly say "friends" when the kids are really anything but that. He's not sure what they are to him right now.]

Some buddies of mine are human, and it's hard enough keepin' an eyesocket on 'em when we're not all doomed, y'know?
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Yeah, 'cept not everyone seems to run that way, y'know? We're kinda all in this sinkin' ship together, aren't we?

[Maybe a bit more charitable than is characteristic for him, but he's pretty new at this whole "caring" thing when it expands outside his immediate circle. His immediate circle being one person, and that one person being Papyrus.

Not enough, apparently.]
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Might do, might do.

[Ha ha, "swim." Sounds like effort.]

So when you say the bar is closed, d'you mean that we're just gonna have to serve ourselves?
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Hey, I happen to have a very responsible escort.

["Escort," sure. "Responsible," though? Probably not. Wade Wilson is a lot of things, but "responsible" ain't really one of 'em.]

Just wonderin' if there's any alcohol or condiments in there, stuff like that.
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It does seem rather rude of Mr. Fear to allow property destruction to Miss Delight's bar.

[ Dry in that.

... ]

I hope -- expect -- you saw to that sound after finishing your broadcast.
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voice; screams sorry for delay

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Ri...ight, that will do. I meant less fighting them, more ensuring things kept boarded up, or yes, fleeing to safety.

[ Difficult to think of it as heroic in these circumstances, too. The zombies well be as transient as all the rest. Why attempt to stop them unless absolutely necessary? ]